On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, singer-songwriter Shawn James takes to the road for a nationwide US Fall tour, and announces new single “I Want More”.

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Shawn James

Soul is a term that is overused in music circles. It’s a talent that musicians and singers claim to possess, but far too many of them lack it and wish they had it. Shawn James makes no declarations about his melodic soul, yet there is no question he has it. Just listen to his rich, resonant vocals, engaging verses, and that four-letter word promptly rings a bell.

Shawn’s Fall 2023 Tour

Shawn James is ready to tour with that voice. His 27-date fall tour begins September 19 in Seattle, Washington, and continues throughout October. James can be unpredictable on stage as he performs a variety of musical styles, genres, and songs, both originals and covers.

“I Want More”

James has a brand-new original song to his name. “I Want More” features a haunting fiddle that slithers in and out of the melody and has a world-beat rhythmic undertone that is supported by clean percussion. Above everything is that voice, solid and flexible and instilled with hearty longing. James plays guitar, Zack Sawyer plays bass, Sage Cornelius plays fiddle, and Rob Kennedy plays percussion. After being recorded in three home studios, Sebastien Chialli mixed and mastered the track at London’s Westrow Music Studios.

Soulful singer/songwriter Shawn James hits the road for a full U.S. tour in the Fall
Soulful singer/songwriter Shawn James hits the road for a full U.S. tour in the Fall

Shawn’s Rollercoaster Live Shows

According to James, if you come see him play live and expect only one style or aspect of what he does, you may be surprised to learn that his shows are a roller coaster of emotions, musical styles, intensity, and energy. James is easily bored and enjoys trying new things. Bring your earplugs just in case and be prepared.

Shawn’s History With Music

Since 2012, James, who was born and raised on Chicago’s south side, has been making beautiful music. He attended a gospel church as a child, which is evident in his riveting vocals. His desire to make music with heart and truth also grew during those formative years. He moved around the country a lot as an adult, learning about different music and cultures. He enjoys rock, metal, gospel, folk, blues, and R&B precisely because of this.

Previous Releases

Deliverance, Shadows, A Place in the Unknown, and The Dark & The Light are among his more than half-dozen full-length albums. He is also active on YouTube, where he has nearly 500,000 subscribers to his channel. He has uploaded more than 80 videos, including live concerts, conceptual, and studio performance videos.

True Soul

You can hear that soul coming from James’ powerful voice in every video. The best part? Without any pretense or histrionics, James delivers sonic potency. Soul is a term that is overused in music circles. Shawn James doesn’t need to guarantee it. It’s his life.

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