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Jonathan McKinney is creating original orchestral music for authors, inspired by their characters, stories, and themes. These pieces of music can be used as part of promotion for their work, and to enhance an audiences experience of their work.

If you’re interested in working with Jonathan to create a score to accompany your own book, contact him now on

Siren Stories Overture

Jonathan McKinney composed the Siren Stories overture to represent the SSU, the universe which the books and film work of Siren Stories share. He envokes the fantasy, adventure and mystery through this exciting and dynamic piece.

Ivy’s Theme

What Ivy Wants by JJ Barnes is a contemporary romance. Jonathan McKinney created a theme tune for Ivy which represents the character’s story as she goes from heartbroken and unemployed, through a journey of self discovery, to finding herself and taking control of her life.

Tilly’s Theme

Unholy Water by Jonathan McKinney is a fantasy horror centred around the town of Ecclesburn which is plagued by vampires. Jonathn composed Tilly’s theme to represent the character of Tilly Turnbull, a precocious 12 year old girl who takes on the challenge of saving her town and her friends.