On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Desolation Sound, a rock band from Friday Harbor, has released their debut album, “Salish Rock”, feat. Jon Auer of The Posies.

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“Salish Rock”

Desolation Sound - Salish Rock
Desolation Sound – Salish Rock

“Salish Rock” is Friday Harbor-based rock band Desolation Sound’s debut album! Gathering tunes from their existing EPs along with three new tracks, the band worked with producer Adam Kasper (with additional help from Jon Auer of The Posies) to create a record that genuinely catches the mood of the island they call home. Also, Jon sang and played on a few of the tracks.

Most of the songs were written on guitarist/vocalist Daniel Day’s acoustic guitar in his backyard overlooking Westcott Bay. There are songs about how much the band love their friends, family, their home, and even record stores! It’s a new day, yesterday was long ago, as one of the songs says.

Simply put, “Salish Rock” is a collection of eleven great power pop songs that are guaranteed to get your feet tapping and your mind racing.

Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound - Salish Rock
Desolation Sound – Salish Rock

Desolation Sound has many shows arranged in the Pacific Northwest and Seattle region this summer to support the release, and are bustling with energy as they record their next album.

Daniel Day plays rhythm guitar, and performs the lead vocals; Darvis Taylor plays bass; Scott Sluis drums and Tom Henry plays lead guitar.

Produced by Adam Kasper
Additional mixing and backing vocals by Jon Auer
Songs by Desolation Sound
Lyrics by Daniel Day
Recorded at Studio X & Robert Lang Studios Seattle
Mastered by Ed Brooks @ Resonant Mastering

All album artwork by Daniel Day & Owen Radford

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