On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, the globally admired high-energy pop band Trampolines has gone through the previous year devoting 100% of their profit to missions’ work all over the planet.

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The globally admired high-energy pop band Trampolines has gone through the previous year devoting 100 percent of their benefits to missions’ work all over the planet. In countries like Ukraine, Ethiopia, Thailand, Italy, Myanmar, and Estonia, aid and evangelism have increased as a result.

Lane and Cary Terzieff

Lane and Cary Terzieff, a husband and wife team, are in charge of Trampolines. Lane’s more than a decade of experience in mainstream music and film has shaped their electrifying EDM-meets-rock sound. Cary’s powerful testimony of overcoming suicidal depression and drug addiction has energized their message. Their accounts and assets have made their music-meets-mission approach a characteristic fit.

Lane Terzieff stated that he and Cary wanted to pursue the mission more and more as they got closer to God and His people. That is the reason they imagined a scenario where they gave 100 percent of the benefits back to missions. Both Cary and Lane agree that it was the best thing they ever did. They believe that God is following them.

Trampolines’ Work

Those profits come from singles featuring some of the best talent in the industry as well as from shows held all over the world and in the United States. Trampolines’ latest releases incorporate “Hey You” (feat. Aaron Cole), “Amen to That” (feat. Disciple), “Fight My Fight for Me” (feat. Citizen Way) and “FUTUREGLOW” (feat. Neon Feather). The band recently released the single “Wake Up”, which can be streamed on your preferred platform at https://ditto.fm/wake-up-trampolines.

The path they’ve chosen is the result of an adventure story planned by God. When they first got the idea to start Trampolines, they were living in China, helping to start a church, and they were celebrating a new mainstream record deal.

They are now performing songs with a focus on Jesus in Syria’s post-ISIS territory. It’s driven them to DJ for hordes of north of 50,000 individuals in Myanmar. Trampolines has played in a total of 20 nations and 40 states in the US.

Engaging with such a wide range of listeners has made it clear how important it is for their band to fully commit to missions work. Regardless of what social contrasts they experience, Trampolines observes that each human heart’s requirements are something similar: resurrection.

Cary’s Story

Cary’s story has been special in her service. She explained that she frequently felt depressed and contemplated suicide. She had addictive tendencies. She’d had the impression that she was a very troubled child and that she was the only one going through those experiences. She feels like she has a one of a kind open door now to pastor to anybody that feels like that, to let people know that, despite the fact that they might be feeling this way at the moment, there is hope and a future.


Trampolines has truly demonstrated that the message of hope is universal, whether they are offering it to teenagers, refugees, or warlords, by dedicating their entire band to the divine work of restoration.

Find Trampolines and Connect Online

Trampolines shows are a chance to take part in their global missions work. Visit faabooking.com/trampolines to learn more about booking them. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, as well as stream their music on Spotify or Apple Music.