On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, with her extremely catchy single “Baby You,” Japanese singer-songwriter Yuka topped the viral charts in Southeast Asia and is now expanding internationally.

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“Baby You”

“Baby You” has been certainly standing out, particularly in Japan, with artists and influencers making the song their dance video soundtrack, and went to No.1 on Bulletin’s “TikTok Weekly Top 20” list on 1st March, 2023.



At the end of March, international artists and influencers started posting videos with the song, which became a hit in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Soon, the song became a trend in Taiwan and Korea, reached the top of the Spotify viral charts in six countries, topped the Tik Tok song ranking in Indonesia, and was ranked in the top 10 in other Asian countries.

As of April 27, the song was also in the Spotify Global Viral Songs Top 50. The inclusion of a new Japanese artist in the Global Ranking is an accomplishment.

Baby You Art work
Baby You Art work

Over 700,000 posts have been made on TikTok, both domestically and internationally, and the song has been viewed more than 2 billion times on social networking sites. Additionally, the number of music streaming service streams has surpassed 15 million worldwide.

About YUKA

She began singing in the chorus and playing the piano at a young age. Since the age of eighteen, she has been performing as a singer-songwriter, chiefly in Osaka.

She gained Instagram followers from influencers and female fans who adore her the humorous juxtaposition of her fun way of talking, and her physical appearance. Famous athletes, Instagrammers, and professionals from a variety of fields are among her followers.

Her third single, “Partner”, which was released in April 2022, received 50 million views on streaming platforms, 11 million views on YouTube, 1.3 billion views on social media platforms, and the No. 1 spot in the LINE real-time ranking. She made her major label debut with Nippon Columbia in January 2023. Her first single “Baby You” turned into a huge success among Gen Z. It was positioned No. 1 on Billboard’s TikTok Weekly Top 20 as of 1st March, and has been viewed two billion times on social media.

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