On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, to fill the void of music about love and passion, the underground rapper/producer, Saukar, created a concept album, Date Night, with songs from a variety of genres.


Grand Rapids, MI-based underground hip-hop artist Saukar is re-releasing his 23rd independent album, Date Night, for Valentine’s Day Weekend. This album takes a few novel approaches, including a concept, clear lyrics, and a departure from the hypersexualization that dominates Hip-Hop culture, in contrast to many other urban works that are highly marketed in the music industry.

Music, a humanized form of sound and creation, is portrayed as Saukar’s love interest in the theatrical interpretation of the project. From the beginning to the end of the date, each song transports the listener on an emotional ride, with each song being more romantic than the previous. The music changes throughout the date and incorporates a variety of urban genres to convey the emotions involved.

Date Night

“Date Night” is perfect for couples who want to celebrate love’s spirit, as well as for people who want music with depth because of its clear lyrics about love, companionship, and embrace. Hip-Hop is the most common back beat, but it also has elements of Rhythm and Blues, Reggae, Afrobeat, and Electronic Dance Music. In addition to being the rapper, Saukar was the only composer, producer, and engineer; which demonstrates his willingness to dedicate himself to his vision.

Date Night by Saukar on McKinney Music
Date Night

When Saukar reached a certain point, he became dissatisfied with all of the radio music that discussed abusive relationships and violence. He has nothing against mainstream artists and the industry as a whole, but he believes that the Hip-Hop community can create on a lot more topics. We require love songs. Love helps us develop.

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Saukar also collaborated with artists from all over the world to contribute to the album, which helped to improve the music’s mood. also for single individuals who are available. In the smokey vibes of “In My Arms,” Saniyah X from Memphis, Tennessee, contributes a beautiful response rap. Krys Evans, who is from Brooklyn, New York, adds her sultry pop vocals to the groove on “To My Room.”

In “Most High,” the jazz singer Nina Karle from Jamaica gives a beautiful performance about creation. HQA elevates Saukar’s poetry from “Fly With You” into the soul stratosphere, a world away from the United Kingdom. On the slow jam “Alright Together,” the gospel duo David & Tiffany Spencer seal the lead with their virtuosity.

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Date Night is available from Saukar’s website, Spotify, Apple Music and on all streaming platforms across the world.