On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, in her most recent song, Sweet Valentine, legendary singer Cynthia Scott belts out a beautiful melody.

Sweet Valentine

Cynthia Scott's Sweet Valentine on McKinney Music
Cynthia Scott’s Sweet Valentine

The award-winning singer, songwriter, educator, and activist tickles listening ears with her inviting voice in her most recent release, Sweet Valentine which features legendary songstress Cynthia Scott belting out a beautiful melody. Xavier Chavez’s poetic prose and Ann Lisa Magid’s lyrics permeate this upbeat love ballad. With a light heart and a hint of longing, Cynthia sings each line.

Jeb Patton, the pianist, plays the notes with passion, and Cynthia’s smooth voice cascades over them. Paul Beaudry plays bass on the new vocal Valentine song, and D’wayne “Cook” Broadnax plays drums on the song. Each chord is fun, light, and airy, like the perfect romantic movie set.

Cynthia Scott

The Chicago Tribune News has called Cynthia a mesmerizing vocalist who has been captivating audiences for decades. The legendary vocalist is a masterful singer of gospel and jazz, and as an acclaimed playwright and actress, she took center stage in her one-woman play “One Raelette’s Journey.” Her days crisscrossing the Atlantic Ocean to sing for crowds in Africa, Asia, and the United Kingdom come to mind.

Cynthia’s sincere songs have had an impact on thousands of people, whether she was performing with Wynton Marsalis at Lincoln Center or teaching in France. This Valentine’s Day, her rendition of “Sweet Valentine” will touch souls, lift hearts, and spread a little love.

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