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On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Clarinet player Maela Raoult offers up a burning palette of southern colors and African percussions new album, Hypokrat.


For this new album, Maela creates a soothing and vibrant atmosphere by blending African rhythms with jazz and oriental tones, as well as the warm clarinet and bass clarinet sounds. Maëla guides us through and reveals the arrangement of two fantastic standards in addition to five original and personal compositions.

Clarinet player Maëla Raoult talks about her love of jazz music, her latest track, Over The Rainbow, and her advice to inspire other musicians

For this new album, Hypokrat, the Brittany-born artist has created a fiery palette of southern hues and African percussion. Harmonies and influences from classical music, along with some impressionist touches; magical and contemporary improvisations on the clarinet and bass clarinet, orchestrated and mixed with the sounds of guitar, piano, bass, and percussion; a riot of oriental hues, jazz influences, and rock and hip hop hints.

Clarinet player Maëla Raoult talks about her love of jazz music, her latest track, Over The Rainbow, and her advice to inspire other musicians

Maela Raoult

Mala received her musical diplomas from the Conservatories of Brest, where she was born in 1990, Paris, and Brussels. She plays in a variety of ensembles at numerous festivals and events because she is passionate about chamber music: She participates in the creation of Tocatina by Sina Fallazadeh, Heptagramme by Michel Lysight, Umbrales by Alex Nante, and Dun Vanneur de Blé aux Vents by Suzanne Giraud.

She is invited to play in various formations such as the ensemble Alternance, the ensemble Écoute (directed by Fernando Palomeque), and the collective Parallèle 21. She has the opportunity to play with concerts such as Patrick Langot, Frédéric she studied improvisation and jazz with the great personalities of Parisian jazz, the Ensemble entre Sable et ciel, the Ostinato Orchestra, and the Orchestre National de Lyon. Curious about all musical worlds, she studied both.

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Hypokrat and Orient Express are also available on Muzicenter and Airplay Access


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