On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, ahead of his upcoming studio album, S.O.S. 4: Blues For Your Soul, Marc Broussard releases the second single, I’ve Got To Use My Imagination.

I’ve Got To Use My Imagination

The fact that Marc Broussard selected “I’ve Got to Use My Imagination,” a cover of a Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland soul standard, as the new single from his forthcoming studio album S.O.S. 4: Blues For Your Soul is not surprising. He easily conveys a similar sensibility while putting his own unique spin on this classic track that was written by the legendary Gerry Goffin and Barry Goldberg.

Given his seminal Louisiana roots and a distinctive southern sound that is derived from funk, blues, rock, and R&B, he easily conveys a similar sensibility. It is given a pronounced interpretation that takes its cues from Bland’s original while, at the same time, delving deeper into the darker desires inherent in the song’s meaning and messaging. It is given a pronounced interpretation that takes its cues from Bland’s original while, at the same time, delving deeper into the darker desires inherent in the song’s meaning and messaging. Joe Bonamassa, on guitar, provides a piercing solo, and Brouss

Bland was the first blues singer to really get Broussard’s attention. He was really taken aback by Bland’s howl and bark in his songs. He keeps all of his recordings in his heart. He has to look into them in order to try to do them his way, but he still listens to his music to really get inspired by what a singer can share.

S.O.S. 4: Blues For Your Soul

The second single, “I’ve Got to Use My Imagination,” is one of twelve tracks on Broussard’s forthcoming album S.O.S.4. The first single, a blistering take of Little Milton’s “That’s What Love Will Make You Do,” featuring Joe Bonamassa, to the sole original, “When Will I Let Her Go,” produced by Bonamassa and longtime collaborator Josh Smith, a collection of distinct renditions of blues and soul classics.

These renditions include Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s “Cuttin’ In,” Al Green’s “Driving Wheel,” and The Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation will receive a portion of the sales from the new album, which is the fourth in Broussard’s S.O.S. series of compilations. This includes a partnership with Guitars Over Guns, a non-profit that provides students from the most disadvantaged communities with a potent combination of music instruction and mentorship.

I've Got To Use My Imagination by Marc Broussard on McKinney Music
I’ve Got To Use My Imagination

Marc Broussard

Marc Broussard is an artist who has a one-of-a-kind talent for translating the spirit of classic R&B, rock, and soul into terms that are relevant today. He began developing his musical talents at a young age in the thriving music scene in Lafayette, Louisiana, where his father, “The Boogie Kings” guitarist Ted Broussard, is a member of the Louisiana Hall of Fame. Broussard made his major-label debut with Carencro at the age of 20 after releasing a highly successful independent EP.

I've Got to Use My Imagination” is the second single and one of twelve tracks from Broussard's upcoming new album, My Imagination

His breakout hit “Home” appeared on the album, which propelled him into the national spotlight. Broussard emerged as a southern soul singer with rare talent and innate stylistic and emotional authenticity on that album and subsequent releases, making him one of the most enduring artists of his generation. “His songs blend those influences with raucous rock ‘n’ roll to create unique and infectious music,” NPR stated. “His music radiates soulful Louisiana blues.” “Few modern voices are as powerful as Marc Broussard’s soulful, Bayou-bred baritone,” the Washington Times stated.

Over the course of the past ten years, Broussard collaborated on a number of albums with major labels before returning to his roots as an independent artist with several highly regarded original recordings and charitable cover albums through his SOS Foundation (Save our Soul).

The self-released 2005 album Bootleg to Benefit the Victims of Hurricane Katrina and Marc Broussard’s efforts to establish the Momentary Setback Fund to assist those displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita are just two examples of his philanthropic endeavors that span well over a decade. He established the SOS Foundation in 2015 to further his commitment to tying music to a cause and to raise funds for worthy organizations like the United Way, Habitat for Humanity, the City of Refuge in Atlanta, and Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation

The three-time GRAMMY-nominated blues-rock artist Joe Bonamassa established the Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation (or KTBA), a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2011. Relief grants and music education programs for students and teachers all over the country are supported by KTBA, which encourages a love of music. Over 88,000 students have been helped by over $2 million in donations made by KTBA to schools in every state.

The Fueling Musicians Program, which has won awards, was established in 2020 as a relief fund to assist touring musicians in returning to the road. The program’s goal is to help musicians by making it possible for them to pay for things like housing, food, and medical bills. Over 350 musicians in need of assistance have received assistance from KTBA thus far.

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