On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, five face melting and heart-pounding tracks feature on the new EP from extreme metal band SIGLOS Release , Rituales Sagrados.

SIGLOS Release

Combining extreme elements from Black Metal, Doom Metal, and Industrial Metal to create a transformative musical experience, SIGLOS embodies true power in Heavy Metal. Sin Quirin, formerly of Ministry, is a guitarist in the band SIGLOS, which is based in Los Angeles, California. Pedro Sanchez, an insanely powerful vocalist who is also a member of Transtorno, has been nominated for two Grammys.

Extreme Metal Band SIGLOS Release New EP, Rituales Sagrados , the best independent music magazine in the UK mckinneymusic

The band will released a new EP on January 27th called Rituales Sagrados. and its distinctive sound promises to give metal fans a deep dive into the intense, extreme, and evocative sound that SIGLOS has established since the beginning.

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By incorporating Spanish and Mexican heritage into ritualistic lyrics, experimenting with non-traditional rhythmic and chanting techniques, and even having a Shaman cleanse the lead singer during the shoot for the music video for the most recent release, Morir Para Vivir. Rituales Sagrados was released on January 27th. The collection will take listeners on a journey through an explanation of ancestor medicine, including Ayahuasca, intense methods of self-reflection, connection to the inner self, and mortality.

Rituales Sagrados

The EP’s opening track, “Soga De Los Muertos,” is an immersive experience from the very beginning.

Sin Quirin, the band’s lead guitarist and catalyst, said, “For me, this song touches on the “sound” people seem to know me for. It has that “industrial-ish” element to it.”

Extreme Metal Band SIGLOS Release New EP, Rituales Sagrados , the best independent music magazine in the UK mckinneymusic
Rituales Sagrados

When lead singer Pedro Sanchez explains that the song “Soga De Los Muertos” is about honoring the Spirit of the Ancestral Medicine “Ayahuasca,” he gets into the song’s deeper meaning. Ayahuasca is referred to as “Soga De Los Muertos” or “Soga De Los Espiritus,” which translates to “Rope of the Dead” or “Rope of The Spirits” in English.

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“When I go into Ayahuasca Ceremonies, it takes us to the world of the dead – which is the Spirit realm that works to heal health, physical, mental and emotional blockages to live better,” explained Pedro Sanchez.

“Llaves Sagradas,” the third track on the EP, delves deeply into spirituality while demonstrating the band’s true versatility and boundary-pushing nature. Pedro says that the book “Llaves Sagradas,” also known as “Sacred Keys,” is about using ancestor medicines to get information from the spirit world and get back in touch with one’s own self.

Working on this track and the album as a whole was an unforgettable experience for producer Alex Crescioni because of Pedro’s heavy chorus and Sin’s “brilliant mechanical heavy riffage and song arrangements.”

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