On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Pressive, a Mexican band, collaborates with AXTY, a Brazilian metalcore pioneer to broaden their sound palette, with their new single “Hollow”.

Pressive Collaborates With AXTY

The Mexican band Pressive enters 2023 with an expressive release, keeping the intense work rhythm. The band collaborated with the Brazilians of AXTY to release a single and a music video in order to meet the expectations of its expanding fan base and to innovate.

Outono Music

Outono Music, a label specializing in rock and metal, distributes “Hollow,” which has been available on all major streaming platforms since March 3 and is distributed by Universal Music, the global leader in the market.



Check out the single “Hollow”: https://umusicbrazil.lnk.to/Hollow/

Pressive continues to pioneer its art with this collaboration with AXTY. They are known for exploring musical possibilities without being bound by labels and adding multiple elements to build a modern and energetic sound.

The Brazilian band AXTY plays modern metalcore with influences from djent, progressive, dubstep, and trap in their sound; a wealth of music that gives both sides of this intense cultural exchange new musical options. The first step in this unprecedented partnership is taken by these artists who stand out for their quality and artistic vision.

A History Of Pressive

Pressive has been around for eighteen years and has put out a number of records, including the EPs Oxygen (2010) and Marionette (2014), the albums Odium (2008) and Dissension (2015), and several singles, including the hits “Esta Vez No” and “¿Quien Soy? Yo”. They shared the stage with well-known acts like Incubus, Godsmack, Lamb of God, and Weezer, among others, during numerous shows and tours in North America and Latin America. With each single, Pressive demonstrates what fans can anticipate from the band in the future, just like their most recent work.

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