On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, on Friday, May 12th, 2023, Blahbotski will officially release new single “Cositas Ricas”.

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“Cositas Ricas” (The Single)


Blahbotski, the famous reggaeton performer hailing from the dynamic streets of Manhattan, is excited to announce his hotly anticipated new single, “Cositas Ricas”. From Friday, May 12th, this captivating track, which is expected to make waves in the music industry, will be available on all major streaming platforms.

“Chica X”

Blahbotski’s most recent offering takes a bold step forward after the success of his previous effort, “Chica X”, which captivated listeners with its romantic reggaeton vibes. The upbeat reggaeton club banger “Cositas Ricas” is designed to set dancefloors alight with its infectious melody and pulsating beats.

“Cositas Ricas” (The Album)

This amazing single is the title track for Blahbotski’s upcoming mixtape, which is also called “Cositas Ricas” and will be out later this year. Embracing a powerful release system, the performer intends to put out one song per month, moving toward the fantastic finale of the mixtape toward the year’s end.

The Recording Process

“Cositas Ricas” was written in Medellin, Colombia, a beautiful city that reflects Blahbotski’s multicultural background. The song was recorded and crafted with care at Mansion Studios NYC in New York. It was inspired by the rich sounds of cumbia and Colombian tropical music, as well as iconic 80’s pop artists like Toto and The Police. A bombastic chorus that is both nostalgic and ground-breaking is the result of Blahbotski’s innovative approach, which gives these timeless influences a fresh and contemporary twist.

The Song’s Inspiration

The well-known Colombian restaurant also known as Cositas Ricas in Jackson Heights, Queens, served as the inspiration for the song’s title, “Cositas Ricas”, which roughly translates to “tasty treats”. Blahbotski draws a fascinating analogy between the mixtape and a delectable meal, with each song serving as a delectable treat that enhances the experience as a whole.

Blahbotski on Tour

Blahbotski will begin a promotional tour in Medellin, Colombia, on May 17 and continue through May 22 in anticipation of the release. During his visit, he will be participating in photograph shoots and a number of promo events to take his music to a wider crowd. Blahbotski’s live shows and new music will continue to captivate fans throughout the spring and summer.

About Blahbotski

Blahbotski is an exceptional songwriter, artist, and producer who was born in New York City to Colombian parents. He has created a distinct identity in the music industry by blending reggaeton, pop, and urban influences in a unique way. His infectious beats and melodic prowess captivate listeners. Blahbotski’s dedication to creating cutting-edge music continues to win him a growing following and praise from critics.

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