On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“ Dante Bowe announces the lanch of his record label, TRUE Music, and debuts his new single, Hide Me.

TRUE Music

TRUE Music by Dante Bowe on McKinney Music
TRUE Music

GRAMMY Award-winning Contemporary Gospel Artist Dante Bowe, has been nominated for the award eight times, with two nominations this year. He has now announced TRUE Music, an independent music management company that is introducing new methods for signing and developing recording artists and songwriters, and the release of his first single, Hide Me.

Maverick City Music, a Grammy-winning collective gospel group curated by Bowe, inspired the decision to establish a management company that truly gives artists the opportunity to shine. Bowe abruptly left Maverick City Music for ambiguous social media-related reasons.

Dante Bowe on McKinney Music
Dante Bowe

Maverick City Music decided to post a statement on social media after Bowe accepted an invitation to headline his own solo tour and turned down a tour offer from Maverick. Because the move effectively put an end to his career, Bowe will use TRUE Music this year to release his new album, “Press Play,” with the goal of expanding his career and music to new heights and audiences.

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Dante Bowe

Dante, whose voice is distinctively raspy and beautiful, became the first artist to receive three solo and two group Grammy nominations simultaneously last year, making him the first artist to accomplish this feat. He also became the first artist to have a song chart on both Billboard’s Gospel Airplay and Christian Song Charts, bridging the gap between CCM and Gospel formats, and he won his first Dove Award for “Joyful.”

Hide Me

The first single from Bowe, titled “Hide Me,” hints at the cross-genre work he is planning and says that it will be the first in a library of new music that he has been working on.

“This record was born out of prayer,” explained Dante Bowe. “That’s what it boils down to. God is at the center of it all. That’s what we want this album to feel like. I want this album to touch lives and bless people to the point where they can feel good again, have fun again, and feel a sense of freedom and peace. We have to hit the reset button sometimes. I felt free when I made this album. I felt like I could just try anything — without limitations on myself or Dante.”

Dante Bowe, Hide Me, on McKinney Music
Hide Me

“I’ve seen people who are the best at things, and it’s always amazing to witness,” said Field Harrison, Co-Founder of TRUE Music. “But watching Dante work on this last album, there was a moment I realized I was watching the most talented person I’ve ever seen work. When you combine his heart with his extraordinary faith and incredible talent, him being a superstar seems inevitable. He isn’t just making music, he’s starting genres- he already changed Christian music, and now he’s going mainstream. He’s creating a new global sound the world is going to love. He’s going to change the world.”

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Those interested in learning more about TRUE Music can visit https://truemusiclabel.com. Those interested in learning more about Dante Bowe can visit https://dantebowe.com.