On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, the music from “Leguizamo Does America”, composed by David Murillo R. has been released by MSNBC Films.

Leguizamo Does America/Music By David Murillo R.

Leguizamo Does America/Music By David Murillo R., the companion soundtrack to Leguizamo’s new documentary series that was produced by NBC News Studios and debuted on MSNBC Sunday, April 16, will be released by MSNBC Films on Thursday, April 20. The show will be available for streaming on Peacock and will air episodes every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on MSNBC until May 21.

Leguizamo Does America

David Murillo R. created and composed the soundtrack for Leguizamo Does America. It sets the tone for Leguizamo’s travels throughout New York City, Miami, Washington, DC, Chicago, Puerto Rico, and Los Angeles, highlighting the cultural, musical, and culinary contributions of Latinos. The entire musical score for the documentary was recorded at David Murillo R.’s Los Angeles studio with the help of several musicians from Medellin, Colombia’s Wire Music.

David Murillo R.

David Murillo R. stated that it gave him great joy to share the soundtrack for Leguizamo Does America. When composing the score, his goal was to create a colorful and vibrant musical journey that would shine a light and underscore Latin excellency and contributions in the U.S., while keeping each city’s culture and nuances in mind during the process. John’s Leguizamo’s extraordinary vision and preference of content made the work a novel and energizing one for the composer, and having the chance to record with elite performers has made him exceptionally grateful to be a piece of such an astounding undertaking.

“Leguizamo” Behind the Music – Main Title (Music & Footage)

Murillo’s Eclectic Styles

Murillo, who was born in Colombia, composes in many different styles, from one of Netflix’s most popular foreign language shows, “Who Killed Sara?”, to “Between Sea and Land”, which won multiple Sundance awards in 2016, and an official Sundance selection from 2020, the sibling rivalry coming-of-age story “Blast Beat”.

Murillo’s Collaborations

David Murillo R.’s credits for producing and composing have garnered over 55 million views on YouTube and 90 million streams on Spotify in less than a year working with singer-songwriters. There has been much acclaim for two of his most recent collaborations: “4 Besos” with Lola Indigo, Lalo Ebratt, and Rauw Alejandro; and: “Santería” with Lola Indigo, Danna Paola, and Denise Rosenthal. His musical talent and eclectic mix of Latin Urban sounds have earned him two Gold certifications and three Platinum certifications.

About the Series

LEGUIZAMO DOES AMERICA is a six-episode series produced by MSNBC Films and produced by NBC News Studios. It premiered on April 16 on MSNBC. John Leguizamo stars in the show, and he travels the country to show viewers America’s thriving Latino communities with his trademark edge, vigor, and wit. Leguizamo will celebrate the history, culture, food, and other contributions of Latino people who have shaped America, from young actors sharing their heartfelt stories at a Latino theater in Washington, DC, to the immigrants who transformed Chicago and the indigenous people of Puerto Rico who invented barbecue. He will also make some surprising stops in between. In a classic Leguizamo adventure, it demonstrates the nation’s fastest-growing demographic while also serving as a political road trip, history lesson, and political road trip all wrapped up in one.