On McKinney Music Girl Sings Boy , “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, four-song album, Girl Sings Boy by Crystal Drake, is so bright and vocal-centric that you’ll think an acapella group recorded it in 1999 with an R&B producer.

Crystal Drake

Crystal Drake is a soul pop singer whose earthy tones have been called “emotionally charged” and “refined.” Her powerfully sincere singing draws inspiration from gospel and soul music. The songs that Crystal writes are thoughtful, grounded, and moving. The human experience’s intersection of mortality and divinity is a consistent theme in her music. To believe, appreciate, listen, and love, we all require a little push.

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Crystal Drake

When Crystal Drake came across an old issue of Tiger Beat magazine, she immediately realized that she wanted to include a cover project that would capture the precious puppy love for teen heartthrobs. The Chicago native found inspiration in the most innocent and star-struck crushes of adolescence in light of situationships and Galentine’s Day’s growing popularity. A nostalgic look back at beloved boybands proves to be a truly joyful musical time capsule, but there are few glamorous things about the awkward teenage years.

Girl Sings Boy

The compilation features a sunny reimagining of Don’t Worry Baby” and a saccharine grunge rendition of “I Want It That Way,” both of which are full of teen dreaminess and fun.

Crystal Drake imagined singing “What Makes You Beautiful” to high school audiences while recoding it in the studio, which is the most delightful twist of the bunch. The song’s production is sweetly nostalgic for the 1990s and features vocal phrasing that is skillful and smooth.

The melodic and passionately sung rendition of “I Only Have Eyes for You,” which serves as the EP’s closing track, is a clear nod to torch singers and makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

“Girl Sings Boy” was a welcome break for the indie soul-pop singer, songwriter, and producer after two  original full-length albums. She explained that recording boyband covers was the ideal escape and that it was time for some fun because her most recent projects were original works with dark themes.

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