On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, after singing reggae in the island of Abaco in the Bahamas, Wilner Pierre narrowly escaped death from Hurricane Dorian before becoming a worldwide raggae fusion singing sensation.

Wilner Pierre

In Yesterday, When I Was Young, Wilner “Nicolas” Pierre introduces the world to his new Caribbean Sound, continuing the story of a refugee from the Bahamas who fled after Hurricane Dorian destroyed most of his island home.

 Bahamian Singer, Wilner Pierre, Has Become A Global Sensation , the best independent music magazine in the UK mckinneymusic
Wilner Pierre

Wilner, a Haitian-born Bahamian, and his family survived Hurricane Dorian by hiding in kitchen cabinets until they were rescued, along with his two children and his pregnant wife Molina, after singing reggae on the Bahamas island of Abaco. Wilner took jobs as an Uber driver, a food delivery person, and eventually started a small business in Florida fixing patio screens after receiving refugee status in the United States and having to feed three children.

 Bahamian Singer, Wilner Pierre, Has Become A Global Sensation , the best independent music magazine in the UK mckinneymusic

Until Pierre got a call to fix a patio screen at a house in Jupiter, Florida, his family, who had grown up in a Shantytown, were living a hard life. It turns out that the house belonged to an internationally renowned inventor. When the inventor heard Wilner singing while working, he knew right away that he wasn’t just a regular worker or a novice singer.

Pierre and his family won a new life despite the hurricane’s strength, which resulted in the deaths of numerous friends and family members. Progress in years, in any case, is a battle that nobody can win, however most don’t need to battle at age 40. Charles Aznavour’s classic, Wilner Pierre’s new song “Yesterday, When I Was Young,” is both ironic due to his youth and strength and embodies a distinct sound. This brand-new French European Classic features Pierre’s smooth vocals, Creole accent, Haitian upbringing, and reggae training.

Wilner Pierre’s Music Career

President Lisa Pamintuan of WorldIPI.com, Sunrise Entertainment, signed Pierre and flew him to Las Vegas to record music as lead vocalist. Boots Greene, the drummer for Usher, John Legend’s backup singers, Adele’s percussionist, and one of the country’s best mixers, produced his music and served as his drummer. Experts in the entertainment industry regard Wilner, 40, as a new singing sensation because of his rendition of Redemption Song.

Despite the incredible quality of his voice, the music industry does not foster young stars. Pierre continued to fight.

Nicolas of Palm Beach, the newest branding spinoff of WorldIPI.com, has hired Wilner and Molina, who won the Mrs. Haiti 2020 International Pageant, to help design clothing lines under the PIERRE brand and serve as brand ambassadors for the Luxury Line of High-End Products.

Although the American Dream is still very much alive, the Pierres and generations before them have learned that success necessitates hard work and inventiveness.

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