On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, the electronic music album “For Real People” by Truthday and Cristiana Dicianu is now available! Take a journey that is ethereal, uplifting, and self-inspiring!

“For Real People”

Truthday and Cristiana Dicianu Released Their First Electronic Music Album, "For Real People"
Truthday x Cristiana Dicianu at their album release event in Bucharest, Romania

Truthday and Cristiana Dicianu’s 16-track electronic music album “For Real People” showcases the duo’s distinctive sound by incorporating elements of drum&bass, UK garage, dubstep, techno, and melodic house. The collection is a fantastic, inspiring, and self-motivational record that takes the audience through mindsets of bliss, contemplation, and energy, but also wistfulness, underscored by Cristiana Dicianu’s strong and emotional voice. The collection was released under their own record name, Cub Sound Records.


Truthday and Cristiana Dicianu Released Their First Electronic Music Album, "For Real People"

the album’s composer, producer, and mixing and mastering engineer, noted that he was thrilled to release this record, which is the result of years of dedication and hard work. His objective was to take the listener on an emotional and musical journey. As long as the album inspires and uplifts those who listen to it, he believes that he and Cristiana achieved this goal. While remaining true to his own creative vision, he wanted to produce something that would appeal to a wide range of listeners. He’s energized by the thought of listeners hearing it and experiencing the energy and feeling that went into making it.

The duo’s collaboration on the album “For Real People” was a natural fit because they both enjoy electronic music and want to make music that deeply connects with listeners.

Cristiana DicianuTruthday and Cristiana Dicianu Released Their First Electronic Music Album, "For Real People"

Cristiana Dicianu, the song’s singer, composer, and lyricist, stated that connecting with people and expressing the duo’s shared experiences through music is really the focus of this album. She wanted to make music that would motivate and inspire listeners while also giving them a chance to think about their own lives and experiences. The album has a mix of songs with a lot of energy mixed in with reflective and nostalgic sentiments conveyed by the lyrics, which came naturally. She just loves making music, and she hopes that people will feel the same way they did when they created it.


The album’s standout track, “Highest,” features Cristiana Dicianu’s powerful voice and drum-and-bass influences. The music video, which was shot on the highest mountain ridges and perfectly captures the track’s energy and intensity, is a visual feast.

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