On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“,  on his latest album, Og Tony The Last Og, Tony Monto Ynot???blends genres.

Tony Monto Ynot ???

Tony Monto Ynot??? is an artist whose goal is to make music that seamlessly blends creative concepts and a variety of genre definitions. His sound raises the bar for versatility and focus by combining the vigor of traditional rap with the melodic edge of contemporary music.

Tony Monto Ynot??? Releases New Album, Og Tony The Last Og
Tony Monto Ynot???

His most recent album, Og Tony’s “the Last Og,” sounds like some of the best old-school sounds right now. Nevertheless, Tony Monto Ynot??? possesses a distinct personality that is difficult to classify. Og Tony’s “the Last Og” is unquestionably a remarkable illustration of his dedication to producing high-quality music that will resonate with listeners, not only because of the authenticity of the production value but also because of Tony Monto Ynot??? distinctive method of musical storytelling. This talented recording artist is set for a successful and exciting new year if this new album is any indication.

Tony Monto Ynot??? Releases New Album, Og Tony The Last Og

Really Like

Tony has released a new single titled “Really Like” in addition to the full-length album. It is yet another ground-breaking example of the innovation and flow that make his sound so relatable and unique.

Learn more about Tony Monto Ynot’s music, and Og Tony’s “the Last Og,” which is currently available on the best digital music streaming platforms online, is a must-have.

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