On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, the brand-new single, Dig My Grave by Todd Tilghman Releases New Single, was released everywhere on January 27th.

Dig My Grave

NBC’s The Voice Season 18 winner Todd Tilghman has released his new single, Dig My Grave, available on all major streaming platforms: https://onerpm.link/129439372936.

Dig My Grave by Todd Tilghman on McKinney Music
 My Grave

“Of all the promises in scripture, my least favorite one is that we’re all going to die,” said faith-focused country singer Todd Tilghman. “But My Grave is a serious jam. And it’s all about the promise we have in Christ that death is not the end. I wrote this song with my friends Sam Nobles and Clint Brown. It started with just a little bit of a chorus and a piece of a verse. It ended in full-on, swampy gospel, turn-it-up-to-eleven, high energy fun!”


The concept of the song begins with a bleak lyric, “If you’re alive, you’re dying.” But those words only set the stage for a song that is defiantly redemptive and builds its way toward heaven through rock-solid faith and southern swagger.

Todd Tilghman Releases New Single

The single is the most recent chapter in a career that is characterized by both a calling and a dedicated work ethic. The well-known singer, husband, father, and former pastor recently released the songs “Fall” and “Home Wasn’t Built in a Day.” He also celebrated his Opry debut last year with Blake Shelton, a former coach on The Voice. Tilghman and his wife, Brooke, have continued to raise eight children throughout all of this.

A high-energy, speaker-busting track like “Dig My Grave” feels like proof despite all of his accolades: Todd Tilghman is only just beginning.

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Get “Dig My Grave” at https://onerpm.link/129439372936.

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