On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Nashville band, Soulchess, is truly breaking the Nashville mold.


With the release of their next single, “All the Things We Can Be,” in February 2023, Soulchess—a band from Nashville that defies conventional notions of what Nashville music ought to sound like—is poised to take the national music scene by storm. The band’s eclectic sound is the pinnacle of musical fusion because it is made up of four people with vastly different musical backgrounds.

Soulchess on McKinney Music

Soulchess has increased in strength over the past two years, emerging from the pandemic with all guns blazing and prepared to take on the world. They honed their skills and honed their sound by spending 2022 performing four-hour sets at various Midsouth venues. The band’s hard work and dedication are evident in these performances, which have also contributed to funding the recording budget.

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The chessboard’s black and white squares are the inspiration for the band’s name, Soulchess. The band’s name includes the word “chess” to pay homage to Chess Records, a well-known blues label. Both the human soul and the soulful elements in their music are referred to in the “soul” part of their name. The name, when combined with the word “chess,” becomes a metaphor for our lives—it’s a game your soul is playing. The band’s status as soul royalty is further emphasized by the fact that the name also sounds like the words “princess” and “duchess.”


The diverse cultural backgrounds and influences of Soulchess define their sound. They are a welcome addition to the Nashville music scene, which is dominated by solo artists, as a band. Soulchess is able to perform in unison and perform musical feats and synchronized parts that can only be accomplished by bands that have spent years playing together because they are true bands. They are a must-see for anyone looking for a high-energy and entertaining musical experience. Their live shows are where their tight sound really comes to life.

The band wants to create an expansive sound that is packed with energy and blends genres by combining tight rhythms, strong melodies, melodic bass lines, and the aggressive beats of drum and bass electronic dance music (EDM) and even punk rock. The purpose of this experiment is to bring people together to enjoy music’s universal language. Each song is unique in its journey, whether it’s lead singer Derrian’s tight vocals, which evoke the very emotion of each song, Jameel’s varied beats, which give you the feeling of dance music, Jason’s sweeping melodic bass lines, which give each song its character, or Chris’s guitar playing and producing prowess, which elevates each song to something truly incredible.

Soulchess is on a mission to unite people from a variety of backgrounds, races, and orientations in addition to their desire to unite musical genres. The band is a shining beacon of hope that remarkable things can be accomplished when we unite during these divided times. This is evident in their live performances, where audiences from all walks of life unite to forget their differences and experience the upbeat vibe that Soulchess brings to the stage.

All The Things We Can Be

“All the Things We Can Be,” the band’s next single, is a drum and bass-influenced record with catchy hooks, melodies, and harmonies. The song is an anthem about moving on to better things and looking forward to the future with all its potential opportunities. The guitarist Chris wrote the song specifically about East Nashville, where he bought and sold his first home, fell in love, and met his current wife. The song talks about the best parts of this hip neighborhood, but it also talks about moving on to a better future.

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