On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, indie band, The Pocket Gods, have released a new documentary, The 30 Second Song Movie, about the music streaming industry and why Nobody Makes Money Anymore.

The 30 Second Song Movie

The campaign of indie band The Pocket Gods for more equitable royalties from music streaming is the subject of the film The 30 Second Song Movie. Since 2015, the band has been running a campaign with a series of 30 second song albums (100X30), which culminated in the release of their 1000X30 album, Nobody Makes Money Anymore, the previous year.

Following a newspaper article in which New York Music Professor Mike Errico questioned why songwriters were still writing three-minute pop songs when they should be adapting to the str

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The Pocket Gods

eaming media of today, which pays out a royalty after 30 seconds of streaming, the concept of the 30-second song was born.

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The difficulties that songwriters and artists face in the age of streaming are the focus of this film, which looks into this crazy journey.

The movie is available as a single, three-hour version, as well as three, one-hour episodes.

The film has already received eight awards from international film festivals and has been nominated for ten more. It won the prestigious Gold Award at the Fellini-inspired Festival in Rome, and the Lift Off session, which is based at the world-renowned Pinewood Studios, has chosen to screen it!

Spotify Royalties

Mark Christopher Lee, frontman of Pocket Gods, read this article and had an “inspired” idea: what if he just recorded 30 second songs and put 100 of them on an album? The album would be unique, attract media attention, and it would highlight the unfair royalties that Spotify and other streaming services pay artists.

Lee had calculated that Spotify received a royalty of just GBP 0.007 per stream in 2015, and that this royalty will decrease to just GBP 0.002 per stream in 2022.

The Pocket Gods

The band has gained worldwide media attention, 11 Guinness World Record millions of streams, fans from all over the world, and even a meeting with Spotify’s head of music since they followed this inspiring thought!

This year, the campaign came to a close with the release of their most recent album, of which there is only one vinyl copy available for GBP one million in their neighborhood record store! The band will use the money to run their own ethical streaming service, Nub Play, which promises to pay artists at least 1 penny per stream, which is 50 times what Spotify pays now.

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