On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, an exciting infusion of positively electric energy is delivered by the new Michael Vincent Album “ELECTRIC FOX”.

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Michael Vincent - Electric Fox
Michael Vincent – Electric Fox

MICHAEL VINCENT is a well-known recording artist and singer/songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. He performs with his backing band U No Who in bars, restaurants, and concert halls all over the country; furthermore, every so often as an solo artist in cozy settings with his trusted lead guitarist Scott Warren. The brand-new MICHAEL VINCENT album ELECTRIC FOX, which will be released worldwide on May 26, 2023, demonstrates a brand-new and exciting direction in Michael’s writing style. It incorporates influences from a variety of musical styles, including Power Pop, Alternative, Blues, Americana/Roots music, and even edgier Garage Rock, all while maintaining the distinctive MICHAEL VINCENT sound.


The new MICHAEL VINCENT album ELECTRIC FOX includes a redux of three songs that were previously recorded on an earlier Americana/Roots project and have now been updated with an exciting infusion of positively electric energy. In addition to featuring some exhilarating new material, the single “Together” is a frenetic and fast-and-furious depiction of a couple trying to make it against all odds. Keith Greeninger produced the first four songs on ELECTRIC FOX at his Wind River Recording Studio in Santa Cruz, California. He also co-wrote the lyrics to the surf rock song “Last Summer”.


MICHAEL VINCENT and U NO WHO will perform at Barterra Winery in Half Moon Cove, CA, on Saturday, May 27 to celebrate the release of ELECTRIC FOX on Angel Bloom Records, Michael’s own indie label, which he and his wife Janet Klein Hollingshead founded throughout the course of recent years to develop a hand-picked assortment of gifted local acts.

U No Who is made up of guitarist Scott Warren (New York City’s Middle class Wrongdoing); bass player and backup singer Dave Mendoza (Lydia Pence & Cold Blood, Gismo, Mick Gilette, Ronnie Beck); and Anthony Fulgar, percussionist (Santana, The Tellez Band, Pete Escovedo). Influenced by artists of all sorts, including New Request, The Strokes, Nothing Surf, Organic product Bats, Snow Watch, Malo, Azteca, and Jaco Pastorius, the band met up in 2018 to perform live with MICHAEL VINCENT. The singer/songwriters of the Folk-Rock era of the 1970s and more recent influences inspire Michael’s work. Scott, Dave, and Anthony are the guys who bring a wide range of musical styles to their performances, including Latin, Jazz-Fusion, Progressive Rock, Blues, and Classic Pop.

Michael’s History as a Performer

Since his debut album, Lines and Wonders, in 1993, MICHAEL VINCENT has released seven solo albums. He started writing and performing in his early 20s. He has recorded with nationally recognized artists like Mark Karan (The Other Ones, Rat Dog, Phil Lesh and Friends), who was featured on the MICHAEL VINCENT album Radio (2007). He has made music in some of San Francisco’s most well-known music venues.

Upside Down (2012) and Jump! (2016) are other works by MICHAEL VINCENT, as is For the Record (2020), The Longest Time (2018). Additionally, he has opened for outstanding artists like Jeff Pehrson (Further, Box Set, and The Fall Risk) and Ruth Gerson, who has toured with Dave Matthews.

Michael’s Eclectic Philosophy

Change it up is Michael’s writing and performing philosophy. You don’t stick to a single genre of music. Why in the world would he only want to make just one kind of music? He doesn’t listen to just one kind of music. Discover what he means on May 26 with the new MICHAEL VINCENT record ELECTRIC FOX.

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