On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, the fourth annual The Grizzly Awards, which celebrate faith-based rock and metal, has opened up voting. Fans are able to vote until February 6th.

The Grizzly Awards

To celebrate and honour faith-based rock and metal, the fourth annual The Grizzly Awards has opened up voting. Until February 6th, fans can vote at https://rockon.ink/VoteGrizzlies.

 The Grizzly Awards Voting Opens For Faith Based Metal And Rock Music At , the best independent music magazine in the UK mckinneymusic
The Grizzly Awards 2023

Fans are invited to cast a single ballot this year, which they can edit at any time up until the end of voting. The categories have been narrowed down to concentrate on the one thing that unites fans, professionals in the music industry, and musicians: the purpose of the music.

 The Grizzly Awards Voting Opens For Faith Based Metal And Rock Music At , the best independent music magazine in the UK mckinneymusic

“As we continue to navigate the challenges of stewarding the Grizzlies vision, we’re constantly innovating to do so in a way that’s responsible with our resources,” said The Grizzy Awards Team, which includes Mary Nikkel, Joel Burris, Cindy Blankenship and Trevor Tyson. “Like the artists we celebrate, we’re committed to being agile. That means that we’re keeping logistics simple this year to focus on what matters most: the music and the mission.”

The Grizzly Awards are fueled by fans in more ways than just votes: The Grizzlies, a non-profit organization, are entirely dependent on donations from fans to organize the event and award artists. Donations can be made through PayPal to thegrizzlyawards@gmail.com, or Venmo to @Mary-Nikkel. All donations of $50 or above will get a limited edition Grizzlies poster.

A combination of fan votes and the votes of a specialized industry panel of experts will determine the award winners. Within the next few months, a livestream will announce the results.

Nominations For The Grizzly Awards

Rock Album Of The Year

1. Apophysitis by Fight the Fade
2. Death by Admiration by Seventh Day Slumber
3. Dominion by Skillet
4. Break The Silence by Love Like Gravity
5. No Surrender by Behold the Beloved
6. Soul Surgery by Nate Parrish
7. Nazirites by Chaotic Resemblance
8. The Final Battle by Stryper

Metal Album Of The Year

1. The Hell We Create by Fit For a King
2. Amidst the Hallowed and the Vanquished by Diamonds to Dust
3. Children of the Great Extinction by Becoming the Archetype
4. Eulogies by Wolves At The Gate
5. EXILE by Demon Hunter
6. The Woods Will End You by Brotality
7. Pain Split by Please the Widow’s Cause
8. Punishing Myself Before God Does by Confessions of a Traitor

Rock Song Of The Year

1. “Words of Fire” by Kutless
2. “Dear God” by Matt Sassano
3. “Black Knight” by Saved by Skarlet
4. “Halos” by Seventh Day Slumber
5. “Devil’s In the Details” by Love Like Gravity
6. “Ashes to Ashes” by Stryper
7. “Remnant” by Ignescent
8. “My Chaos” by Relentless Flood

Metal Song Of The Year

1. “Medicated” by Amongst the Giants
2. “Stigmata” by Convictions
3. “The Lost Colony” by Becoming the Archetype
4. “Make Believe” by Memphis May Fire
5. “Metatropolis” by Project 86
6. “Burn the Witches” by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
7. “Creed of Blasphemy” by Diamonds to Dust
8. “Peace That Starts the War” by Wolves At the Gate

Alt Rock Song Of The Year

1. “God Knows” by Nate Parrish
2. “Bottom of the Barrel” by Rusty Shipp
3. “Empress in Exile” by Remedy Drive
4. “Cozy Town” by Stonewall Static
5. “I Don’t Wanna Live Like This” by Gable Price and Friends
6. “Wendy Darling” by Tyson Motsenbocker
7. “Keep the Faith” by Fuel4Soul
8. “Circles” by Anberlin

Electronic Rock Music At Of The Year

1. “I’ll Carry You” by Stephen Stanley and Tommee Profitt
2. “Adrift” by David Pataconi
3. “Fight” by Reclaimers
4. “Under Winter Stars” by Angel Machine
5. “Not Dead” by Amongst Wolves

Collaborative Song Of The Year

1. “Ancestry” by August Burns Red
2. “Ruins” by BTA
3. “Sorry is a Dirty Word” by Matt Sassano and Azariah
4. “Die for Something” by Zahna
5. “Amen to That” by Trampolines and Kevin Young
6. “Chasm” by Then it Ends
7. “End of the World” by Kutless feat Kevin Young
8. “Silence the World” by Demon Hunter feat.Tom S. Englund

Braveheart (Faith Forward) Song of the Year

1. “Master” by Demon Hunter
2. “Creed” by Holyname
3. “Unleavened” by Collapse//Revive
4. “Fairest Jesus” by Chaotic Resemblance
5. “He’s Coming” by Les Carlsen
6. “Psalm of the Depths” by Bloodlines
7. “Ashes to Ashes” by Stryper
8. “Come Alive” by Honor & Glory

Music Video Of The Year

1. “Searchlights” by Bayless
2. “Metatropolis” by Project 86
3. “Heavy” by RELENT
4. “Die for Something” by Zahna
5. “Dear God” by Matt Sassano
6. “Lights and Fire” by Wolves At the Gate
7. “The Lost Colony” by BTA
8. “Framing My Perception” by GFM

Industry Champion Of The Year

1. Katie Slater
2. Chad Fenner
3. Matt Arcaini
4. Sean Ely
5. William Lee Moore

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