On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Sofia Di Bella is a young, up-and-coming singer whose passionate and engaging voice has won over the Italian audience.

Sofia Di Bella

Sofia is only 15 years old, but her participation in Sanremo Junior in 2019, where she reached the final stage and displayed surprising artistic maturity for her age, has already earned her talent national recognition.

Talented emerging singer Sofia Di Bella will perform at the "Beatrice Award" alongside big names in Italian music
Sofia Di Bella

Sofia also demonstrated that she was a rising star in Italian music on other occasions. She has participated in a lot of competitions over the years, won prizes at regional and national levels, and always showed that she had an unusual amount of energy and passion.

She currently attends the Turrisi Colonna Music High School in Catania, where she is able to put all of her musical knowledge to use and collaborate closely with other young talents.

The Beatrice Prize

Talented emerging singer Sofia Di Bella will perform at the "Beatrice Award" alongside big names in Italian music

Her talent has been recognized: at the Beatrice Prize, a special event honoring Beatrice Bevilacqua, who passed away in 2009 from cancer, Sofia will perform on April 22, 2023, along with a number of well-known Italian musicians. The association, which was started by Beatrice’s family and friends, aims to turn the sudden and difficult event into a tool that can bring joy, hope, and support to all cancer patients.

Sofia Di Bella is one of the stars of this occasion, and what will be an emotional, engaging performance is highly anticipated. Carla Basile, her singing instructor, has never shied away from the enormous talent of her student, who has always displayed an unusual amount of vigor and enthusiasm.

More From Sofia

She is a young singer who possesses all of the characteristics necessary to become a future great artist. Some of the qualities that make her special are her emotional voice, her love of music, and her constant determination to get better.

Sofia is a beacon of light for those who still believe in the power of emotions and the beauty of art at a time when Italian music appears to have lost its luster. Her next songs and her artistic journey are highly anticipated.