On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Sound Productions (SoundPro), a US retailer and distributor of pro audio, video, and lighting equipment, celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Sound Productions

This year, the Sound Productions national retailer and distributor of professional audio, video, and lighting equipment Sound Productions (SoundPro) will mark its 50th anniversary. From its humble beginnings as a backline rental business to its current position as a leading supplier of AVL equipment, SoundPro has consistently provided excellent service and industry expertise to its clients.

According to SoundPro CEO Joshua Curlett, the company is thrilled to mark 50 years of serving customers in an industry for which they have a great deal of passion. They will continue to honor the past and build a better future for their team members, vendors, and customers by drawing on their extensive history.

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The SoundPro Experience Center – Sound Productions has been providing high-quality gear from the top brands for 50 years.

When guitar player and entrepreneur Charles Kitch was employed at a music store in 1973, he established Sound Productions. The store was contacted by Elvis Presley’s tour manager to inquire about renting backline equipment for the following day’s performance in Dallas. When the storekeeper told Stone that he would need to purchase the stuff like anyone else, Kitch arranged the necessary equipment for the show. What started out as a single gig turned into a tour with Elvis that lasted 30 days. Soon after, more requests came in for tech support and backline gear for some of the biggest Rock ‘n’ Roll acts.

In the decades that followed, SoundPro expanded its offerings to include custom-designed installations as well as custom-designed electronic and speaker systems for touring bands. The transition to pro audio sales and repair was a natural one, and SoundPro began selling new and used gear all over the country when bands and production companies wanted to buy the products they rented. The business shifted its focus to sales and distribution by 1985. SoundPro expanded into a new location in Irving, Texas, in 2012. In 2020, they opened a second office in Madison, Wisconsin, to better serve their expanding clientele.

Today, SoundPro offers AVL products to a wide range of customers, including DJs, businesses, bands/artists, contractors/integrators, live productions, and houses of worship, among others. Their industry-guaranteed colleagues have many years of expert and individual experience. SoundPro cultivates a culture of accountability, a passion for the industry, and an obsession with providing the best service to their customers with people at the core of their values.

Throughout the course of the year, the company will commemorate their 50th anniversary. In the fall of 2023, a gathering of team members, devoted clients, and vendor partners is provisionally planned.