On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Set For the Fall return with “Product of Pressure”, a song about perseverance and triumph.

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“Product of Pressure”

“Product of Pressure,” a massive rock anthem with an inspiring message of perseverance and triumph, is Set For The Fall’s return offering. Their first single in five years is now available for streaming on all major platforms at https://hypeddit.com/setforthefall/productofpressure.

The song is organized around the fiery riffs that fans have come to expect from Set For the Fall. The riffs build steadily in the verses and then explode into blazing choruses that triumph in the skill of overcoming obstacles. You can watch the accompanying music video from the band here.

Lead Singer Joey Lassiter

Lead singer Joey Lassiter discussed the track’s punchy lyrics and explained that “Product of Pressure” was inspired by the thought of what happens when something or someone endures years of stress and the weight of their profession, or life in general. They harden into something amazing and beautiful, just like diamonds do. This would not have occurred without the constant pressure. It is a declaration of our current status: the best possible version of ourselves.

Set For the Fall

The band’s song, “Product of Pressure”, which features Joey Lassiter on vocals, Harrison Muffley on guitar, Donovan Roybal on guitar, and Dylan McLain on drums, distills their individual experiences over the years since listeners first heard from them. The years have brought upheaval and clarification, with marriages, new children, and cross-country moves.

According to Joey, it was a time of many personal changes and making sure that their focus was on their families. Which, in turn, gave Set For the Fall an idea of what they should do musically this time around. They wanted to make a record that was better than their previous one. Numerous concepts that simply did not meet their expectations were discarded.

Set For the Fall have collaborated and co-written as a result. They collaborated in Nashville with producer Andrew Baylis on “Product of Pressure”. The band is currently working on new singles that will continue to be produced in a collaborative setting.

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