On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Cuba, the rising star rapper from Broward County, has just released “Highway Music”, his FIRE debut solo album.

“Highway Music”

Cuba - Highway Music Album Cover
Cuba – Highway Music Album Cover

Cuba, a rapper from Broward County, has just released “Highway Music”, his first solo album. Cuba’s debut album, which is available on all streaming services, is a love letter to car culture that incorporates elements of both old-school and new-school hip-hop.


Cuba’s love of automobiles was deeply ingrained in him as he was growing up in Broward County, Florida. He’d spend weekends at races, showing off modifications with his buddies, he needed to catch that sensation of fervor in his music. The clever title “Highway Music” reflects the music on the album, which can be enjoyed while driving down the highway. “Highway Music” is a varied album that highlights Cuba’s uniqueness. Cuba’s debut album is extremely relatable, with songs like “Night Ryders”, which has a grungy reflective mood for vibing alone with headphones, and “Corner Store”, which depicts the buzz of pulling up to a corner store and showing off his car.

Tanyon Jay

Cuba worked with his friend and fellow artist Tanyon Jay, who recorded his verses remotely from Tennessee, with Cuba back in his Florida home studio. As is typical when they collaborate, the album features their explosive mix of wordplay, style, and seasoning. Cuba has already attracted the attention of prominent professionals in the industry, such as Grammy-nominated producers Cool & Dre, who have expressed their support for his music. He has since played in Miami, Florida, and Brooklyn, New York, growing an ever-widening fanbase. In addition to his solo album “Highway Music”, Cuba and Tanyon Jay will release a group project titled “hidden GEMS” later this year under the name “Members Only” on their label G-Series Music LLC. Ready for a cruise? Get behind the wheel and turn up “Highway Music” on your preferred streaming service.

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