On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, PumpHouse Release brand of blues music is irresistible, and their new album I Gotta Go, is out now!

PumpHouse Release

PumpHouse’s powerful, soulful sound has proudly set an example for the past ten years in the art of making the Blues truly rock. This stunning seven-piece group of legendary talent, based in Richmond, Virginia, has been enthralling audiences all over the country with their remarkable live shows. From intimate club performances to appearances at major music festivals and every venue in between with enough space for their band to perform on stage.

 PumpHouse Release New Blues Album, I Gotta Go , the best independent music magazine in the UK mckinneymusic

 PumpHouse Release New Blues Album, I Gotta Go , the best independent music magazine in the UK mckinneymusic

Your favorite Blues band is back at the top of their game with their most recent album, I Gotta Go, after successfully introducing PumpHouse Release to the rest of the world online with the release of their debut album, PUMPED, in 2018.

PumpHouse Release  features the undeniably captivating musicianship of a dedicated group of all-stars, including Wayne Chaplin (Guitar/Harmonica), Eddie Lohr (Guitar/Vocals), Pete Daniel (Bass), Wayne Pryor (Drums), Tony Martin (Percussion/Drums), Chris Leitch (Trombone/Keyboards/Vocals), and Lutha Luc PumpHouse shines with soulful sound from left to right and makes the most of every moment throughout the entire set list of their brand-new album through a radiant array of musicianship that demonstrates genuine respect for the roots of the genre and the art of making it relevant for the modern era.

I Gotta Go

I Gotta Go is a great example of PumpHouse  at their best, with a set of eleven brand-new songs that are incredibly energetic and show off the band’s exceptional abilities and the unity they share when they perform. PumpHouse leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the sensational details in their music, and they always have their entire audience wildly cheering for more. This is because of the uniquely compelling vibes of their adventurous and ambitious instrumentation, the insatiable hooks in their songwriting, and the perfect combination of a bold lead singer and the sweet complement of their backing vocals.

Even though many people are familiar with the Blues, they rarely or never hear it performed with such fervor, true grit, and gusto simultaneously. Each and every one of the talented and accomplished musicians on the PumpHouse roster possesses professional chops that are guaranteed to defy any listener’s expectations when it comes to the incredible quality of the Blues. PumpHouse is a band with no flaws at all.

PumpHouse’s second album, I Gotta Go, was recorded at In Your Ear Studios in Richmond, Virginia. It is now out and available online. It has been impressively added to over one hundred and fifty streaming sites, including all of the major music hotspots. Join PumpHouse Release as they celebrate another groundbreaking accomplishment with their music and milestone in their career with the release of I Gotta Go, and score a free copy of the CD with every $10 admission purchased for the show!

Excited to support the release of the latest album with an official launch party this February 15 at The Tin Pan, which is right in their hometown! PumpHouse truly does the blues in a way that no one else can; their future looks brighter than ever.

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