On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, the public’s reaction to “Hold On”, Paulette Wright’s new single’s long-awaited release was overwhelming, as evidenced by adoring fans’ applause and a sold-out concert!

“Hold On”

Paulette Wright's amazing new single, "Hold On," has been critically acclaimed early on in it's recent release.
Paulette Wright’s amazing new single, “Hold On,” has been critically acclaimed early on in its recent release.

On March 18, Paulette Wright and what could only be described as an anointed “tidal wave” of Gospel music artists from across the country descended upon the birthplace of jazz and set it on Holy Ghost fire, eclipsing the Crescent City’s bright lights, parties, and merrymaking!

The goal is: to commemorate and present Wright’s incredible debut single, “Hold On,” which has already had a significant impact on the Gospel music industry as a whole. We can only anticipate that “Hold On” will be the talk of the world in the coming weeks if the events of that weekend are any indication of what is to come. Simply click “WRIGHT IS RIGHT!” now to acquire a copy of this amazing new single!

Paulette Wright

Paulette Wright is no stranger to the Gospel community because of her international success as a stage and stage phenom, television personality, and artist. She has performed in front of the Pope at the Vatican in Rome and is well-known all over the world for her talent. She has collaborated with a veritable “Who’s Who” of the music and entertainment industries, including Yolanda Adams, Bishop Paul S.

Morton Sr., Eddie and Shawn Levert, Chris Bolton, Mary Mary, Shirley Caesar, Cheryl “Pepsi” Riley, Cuba Gooding Sr., and numerous others. Wright attended the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Conference regularly (Bishop Paul S. Morton, presiding), as well as Elder Debra Brown Morton’s Women of Excellence Conference.

The overwhelming public response to the song release concert sent a shockwave throughout the city of New Orleans, sending promoters scrambling to accommodate for the sold out venue
The overwhelming public response to the song release concert sent a shockwave throughout the city of New Orleans, sending promoters scrambling to accommodate the sold-out venue

Wright has shown up as a performing guest for Paul and Sandra Hunch on Trinity Broadcasting Organization and has sung the National Anthem in Caesars Superdome in New Orleans for New Orleans Saints games. Wright was well-known in the theater for her flawless portrayal of the grandmother in the stage play “Mama I’m Sorry”.

She is also well-known for her astonishingly brilliant rendition of the well-known anthem “And I’m Telling You” for a run of the hit musical “Dreamgirls.” Because of her reputation and superstar presence, Wright was tapped to host the Gospel Brunch for the amazingly popular House of Blues in New Orleans, where she stood firm on that foothold for north of 25 years. She has the privilege of incorporating her unique brand of entertainment into all levels of society thanks to her talent and ability to connect with the public on a grassroots level.

Her distinction has risen above the American stage, as she has wowed crowds in Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, South Africa, France, and different spots in the worldwide field. She has toured with the universally eminent stage play “I Need A Man” all over the world, and has been widely praised for her mesmeric portrayal in the lead role of “The Mahalia Story”, paying tribute to New Orleans’ cherished Mahalia Jackson.

Daniel Musgrove

Daniel Musgrove, the founder and chief executive officer of Musgrove Music Distribution, noted that Paulette is a huge force in the industry and that his company is extremely proud to have her on the team. She can do anything, Daniel stated, and his company continues to do its best to extend her reach even further than it has ever been.

Paulette’s Performance in Café Istanbul, New Orleans

A multitude of supporters assembled at Café Instanbul in New Orleans, LA. for Wright's concert celebrating the debut of her hit single "Hold On"
A multitude of supporters assembled at Café Istanbul in New Orleans, LA. for Wright’s concert celebrating the debut of her hit single “Hold On”

Café Istanbul in New Orleans, Louisiana, served as the venue for the inaugural concert, on the 18th of March. It was anticipated that there would be a large attendance, but the venue was packed to capacity so quickly that many people had to be turned away. The venue was filled with praise, cheering, and singing, and each artist brought their A-game.

Wright sang with the force of Mahalia Jackson and the gentle touch of a dove, and she did a great job of controlling the crowd. Through her song “Hold On,” she sang with fervor and authority to the crowd, inspiring them with messages of hope and encouragement. It got to the point where people stopped thinking they were at a concert and started treating the event like church. Everyone had an amazing time, but when the last note was sung and the event ended, there was a real disappointment.

Praise for Wright and Musgrove

During their time there, the mayor of the city honored Wright and Daniel Musgrove for their contributions to music and the promotion of New Orleans-area musicians. They received certificates of appreciation for their dedication and perseverance from representatives from the office of the mayor. Wright and Musgrove consistently expressed their sense of honor and gratitude for the recognition they received for their work. It was a fantastic way to conclude an outstanding evening of worship and music.

The Success of “Hold On”

“Hold On” has been well received worldwide and in the United States ever since it was released. The song has received over 20,000 streams in a short amount of time on Spotify and other online streaming services. The simple messages of faith, love, and hope are being embraced by the masses, and radio stations are increasing the song’s rotation as the number of call-in requests grows each day.

Paulette’s Steadfast Faith

When inquired as to whether she had any useful tidbits for anticipated artists, Paulette Wright answered with wisdom from the Bible expressing that advancement comes neither from the East or the West, nor from the North or the South, but from God. She has long concluded that any elevation she may experience is the result of remaining steadfast and trusting God in all that she does.

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