On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, the brand-new single “You Cover Me” by Neva Ford Nation is out now.

“You Cover Me”

Neva Ford Nation releases new single “You Cover Me"
“You Cover Me”

A few songs are bound for a specific time frame. Neva Ford Nation, a Billboard charting artist, is set to release her new single “You Cover Me” on Friday, April 21. Her music now has a new sense of authority and urgency; this comes after several years of evolution and change in her life. She has survived the message of her tunes and is prepared to share the strength and reason she has found.

Neva Ford Nation

Neva is driven by her powerful, emotional voice and her newly discovered voice as a co-songwriter. After an unanticipated turn in her life, the idea for You Covers Me was to bring healing and hope to a world in transition. According to Neva, she put her heart and soul into this song, and she poured her experiences into the lyrics. It’s Neva taking a look at her own life and the things she was managing, attempting to discover that God takes care of her in any circumstance and she can defeat them.

Glenn GP Piper and Shelia-Moore Piper

Glenn GP Piper and Shelia-Moore Piper, a husband and wife team from Bdm/Ugroove Music, produced the single and were also co-writers on this song. “Thank You My Everything,” Neva’s current single, peaked at #15 on the Billboard Gospel Indicator Chart and in 2022 at #79 on the Mediabase Charts.

More from Neva

Her music includes two other standouts: “Walk With Me” and “Holding On 2.0.” Neva describes the inspiration for the new song as, in all aspects of her life, God is the source and her go-to. He covers us throughout our lives.

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