On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Marty MacPhly’s “My Little Dance” is released by NHR, distributed by Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group, under the direction of CEO Tip Trillions and Vice President MacPhly.

“My Little Dance”

Nod Head Records CEO Tip Trillions Hires Marty MacPhly who Creates Masterpiece: "My Little Dance" Set for April 21st Release
Left to Right: Marty MacPhly, Tip Trillions, Nat Gem Courtesy Nod Head Records Dustin Petz

“My Little Dance”, a single by Hip Hop veteran Marty MacPhly featuring rap-sing specialist Nat Gem, will be released by Phoenix’s Nod Head Records (NHR), a black-owned label founded in 2019 by Felix “Tip Trillions” Horne. Everyone was taken aback when MacPhly, NHR’s Vice President of Artists Development and A&R, released new music so quickly after joining the executive team. The track, which was distributed by Universal Music Group and Bungalo Records, is a significant accomplishment for NHR, which is known for making positive, non-violent music.

“My Little Dance”, which many executives in the music industry believe could be a contender for Song of the Year, demonstrates NHR’s commitment to clean music by surprising listeners with its trap-beat vibe, creative lyrics, and dance energy. “Just P”, a member of the NHR roster who has previously collaborated with Capitol and Virgin Records, produced the song. The Saltmine Studio Oasis was used locally to record “My Little Dance“.

NHR’s CEO and founder, Trillions, is thrilled to release “My Little Dance“, stating that it is a song that will get people talking and show off Marty MacPhly and Nat Gem’s skills. NHR is pleased to offer positive music with the same sound the label is known for. This track has a 2023 variant of a Motown Records vibe.

Nod Head Records

Concurrent with their devotion to positive music, NHR is focused on rewarding the local area. Fans of the label’s music will conduct polls on social media platforms to determine which charities will receive donations from My Little Dance’s first 60 days of streaming revenue. One way NHR intends to have a long-lasting impact on the music business is through its commitment to community involvement.

It is a significant milestone for NHR, a label that takes pride in producing music that reflects its values, the release of “My Little Dance”. NHR is prepared to have a long-lasting impact on the music industry thanks to the addition of talented artists like Nat Gem and Marty MacPhly. Listeners can feel good about supporting NHR because the label promotes positive music and gives back to the community.

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