On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, “I’m Doing Better,” Minister Marion Hall’s most recent single, demonstrates that she has found her calling as an artist.

“Im Doing Better”

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Cover Art “I’m Doing Better”

Staying the course all along, Minister Marion Lobby flexes her ability every step of the way. The extraordinary vocalist draws inspiration from her prior exposure to the responsibilities that come with performing in front of a large audience. “Im Doing Better,” her most recent single, demonstrates both her capacity to continually reinvent herself and her calling as an artist. A music video for the new Downsound Records track is in the works, and it is now available on a number of streaming services.

“Im Doing Better” by Minister Marion Hall: https://onerpm.link/imdoingbetter

Minister Marion Hall’s song “I’m Doing Better” is a song about the underdogs; like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Marion Hall embraces the journey. The upbeat song gracefully and nonchalantly addresses difficult subjects, leaving those who are skeptical with only crumbs. With hints of rap, rock, and dancehall, Marion’s sound has evolved into an enthralling blend of gospel, R&B, and soul. As producers on the project, industry veterans Gramps Morgan, who has won three Grammy Awards, and Shannon Sanders, who produced India Arie and John Legend, contribute their knowledge and unique perspective.

Minister Marion Hall

Minister Marion Hall continues to defy convention and channel her faith in order to establish her credibility while showcasing her iconic voice. The international superstar is known for her numerous contributions to world music and rose to prominence under the stage name Lady Saw. Following the singles “If I Was Famous” and “Sorry to Hurt Your Feelings,” which marked her return to the music industry after a period of silence, this latest release is a follow-up. Marion has accepted the ministry’s role in all aspects of her life and identifies as a Christian.

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