On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, popular musician Maryam Craft released the single “I’M GOOD” on March 31.

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Maryam Craft, a musician from Atlanta, Georgia, is making waves with her brand-new single “I’M GOOD”, which was released on March 31st of this year. The anthem “I’M GOOD” exudes joy, optimism, and self-assurance in a world where so much is going on—violence, mental health, comparisons on social media, and women and men feeling inadequate. The lyrics were written to help one have a positive outlook on what they are and what they have in the present.

When “I’M GOOD” starts, it has a pounding bass beat and then moves into a hard piano beat to give the listener a rough but smooth tune. The up-and-coming singer composed this tune after she was feeling down, and not herself. She claimed that she used the process of writing the song to lift her spirits and reaffirm her identity. All the way up to the point where she uses it as an affirmation. She emphasizes how she is that girl in the single by highlighting in her hook how she looks, feels, and even cooks well, and that she only surrounds herself with the best people. She also emphasized how others want to be around her and do things for her because of her radiance. The song is magic at its best.

A Song About Boundless Positivity

This is not a song about being arrogant or digging for gold. Even though this is not a song about gloating, there are times when you need to don your superhero style and remind both yourself and others of who you are and what you stand for. Once in a while, that can get lost in this world, and we wind up losing ourselves. Maryam Craft stated that by creating a song to force you back into your knowing or confidence, is something she hopes one can feel or get back while listening. Sometimes our esteem gets low due to bad relationships, friendships, or just life.

Despite the fact that there are positively numerous new female hip hop artist emerging on the scene, Maryam Craft carries an alternate tune to her work. At the point when you hear “I’M GOOD” it nearly feels like all inconveniences have disappeared, and you can access a higher self, by reciting the words, I’m Good. In 2022, she released an EP titled “Space and Time” and other songs that came before and after. Maryam Craft demonstrates that she is on the rise and a force to be reckoned with. Her art, music, dance, and performance all have a melody and harmony that make her style appear to be more than just rap.

Maryam Craft

Maryam wants people to be inspired by her music, regardless of whether it’s a lyrical song, dance song, or breakup song. She wants her art and music to be used as healing tools. She wants to be among the greats and she is certain that she’s on the scene for good. She has such a huge amount coming up and can hardly hold back to share more.

“I’M GOOD” is available for download and streaming on all music platforms now. Make certain to follow Maryam Art across social media to stay up to date on new releases, and updates. Listen to “I’M GOOD” now!

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