On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, ‘A Frequency Illusion,’ a mesmerizing melodic techno offering, marks N1NJA’s Mobilee Records debut.


London-born artist N1NJA debuts on Mobile Records with a mesmerising melodic techno offering, ‘A Frequency Illusion’
A Frequency Illusion

DJ, podcaster, and producer Farah Nanji, whose stage name is N1NJA, has been called a ‘mega-talented, fast-rising star’ by DJ Mag. Her roots from the Indian and African subcontinents are heavily reflected in her DJ sets and productions, the most recent of which is for the Mobilee imprint.

‘A Frequency Illusion’ – the Single

N1NJA stated that ‘A Frequency Illusion’ is based on the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, and it is a hypnotic progressive techno track that draws inspiration from the elusive, mysterious nature of ninjas and how sound can alter the perception of time and space.

‘A Frequency Illusion’ – the Album

The album’s title track, ‘A Frequency Illusion’, takes listeners on a spellbinding journey through euphoric soundscapes that transport them to a landscape with stars. In a way that resembles the fluidity of a ninja, glistening synth leads, soaring pads, and organic percussion come together to create a hypnotic atmosphere. The following track, ‘London Blues’, is a slow-moving, sparser electronic cut. A clean blues guitar lead that ebbs and flow between the intricate pockets of space serves as the guide for the cavernous bass stabs and tribal drums that make up the moving finale that was inspired by the streets of London.

Farah Nanji

Farah’s influence is not limited to her artistic endeavors; her TEDx Talk on clearing the hurdles created for neurodiverse performers and interview sessions with industry heavyweights like Carl Cox and Alan Fitzpatrick on her successful podcast Mission Makers have revealed insight into a significant part of the underground music scene’s greatest misinterpretations. ‘A Frequency Illusion’ is a finely crafted release that demonstrates the breadth of N1NJA’s sound palette. It will be available on April 7 on Mobilee.

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