On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Clinetel Records in Nashville will record hit songwriter, Lacie Blue’s, new EP, which will be produced by veteran hit producer Stephen Wrench.

Clinetel Records

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Lacie Blue

The Nashville record label Clinetel Records is pleased to announce the signing of Lacie Blue, a well-known songwriter, to record an EP and singles. Clinetel Records will feature other well-known artists like Lacie Blue. On the Euro Indie Network Top 100 charts, the Official U.S. Top 20 charts, and the World Indie Top 100 charts, Clinetel Records had five number one singles in 2021 and seven in 2022.

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Hit lyricist, Lacie Blue is an honor winning artist and known as a unique music entertainer, creator and researcher. Her most memorable collection, “Nothing is Genuine” was delivered by the noteworthy Wayne Greenery and got surveys inside the Yankee folklore class. Her tune, “Back Together” is the signature melody for the World Craniofacial Establishment. Lacie Blue’s four number one melodies are: “My Fortunate Tune” and “Sufficiently wonderful” with JoZie; “There Will Come a Day” and “Universe of Trust” with Billy Gaines, co-composed with Thornton Cline. Lacie Blue as of late endorsed with Nashville-based name, Clinetel Records for her craftsman manage significant dissemination around the world.

“I have been working with Lacie Blue for several months now on pre-production for her new EP. I have been a part of many major hit records in my career,” said Stephen Wrench (https://musikandfilm.com/stephen-wrench-producer/). “I have been truly impressed by Lacie’s unique songwriting skills. She crafts words and music into a unique blend of stories and poems filled with passion. When she sings her creations, the listener can feel her emotions. We will be going into the studio very soon to capture these creations. I know these songs will become hits that will live on over time.”

 Sign Lacie Blue

Lacie Blue on YNF Enertainment Magazine
Lacie Blue

In Texas, Sign Lacie Blue has won a lot of awards, but the ones she is most proud of are: After competing against more than 500 incredible fiddlers, he was named Bluegrass Act of the Year, Fiddler of the Year, and “People’s World Champion Fiddler.”

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Legendary artists have shared the stage with Lacie Blue: Mark O’Connor, Judy Hyman, Jonna Fitzgerald, Bruce Molsky, Isidor Saslav, Jerry Vandiver, and Jimmy Fortune are among the cast. Lacie has opened for a variety of well-known artists: Elleen Ivers, Mark Wood, The Cherryholmes, Mark O’Connor, and Jimmy Fortune having performed in Austria, Germany, England, and Ireland as a classical violinist and fiddler on international tours. Lacie Blue had the great privilege of performing for Austria’s Prime Minister and Archbishop. Lacie performed with Mark Wood, Laura Kaye, Chuck Bontrager, Joe Deninson, and Tracy Silverman in the Led Zeppelin Choir and as concertmaster of the Led Zeppelin Symphony. Lacie Blue has performed as a soloist with numerous symphonic bands, choirs, and orchestras, and she was a part of nine symphonies.

Lacie Blue writes and co-writes songs. She teaches others how to reach their full potential, performs with companies that make use of her musical and theatrical skills, and captivates audiences with her one-woman show. Lacie Blue recently gave a speech on the topic of global access to music education at the Music Cities Convention and the NAMM Conventions in Chengdu, China. The extraordinary veteran producer Stephen Wrench of Musik and Film is collaborating with Lacie Blue on the upcoming release of her new EP.

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