On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, on January 17th, 2023, Kalle Pascal, also known as KalleFORnia SurferBOY, released his new single, Disney Channel.

Disney Channel

The much-anticipated new song that KalleFORnia SurferBOY has been working on for several years has finally been made available. “Disney Channel” will be the title of the new song. The artist believes that despite having a good time with friends in high school, he always wanted to go home and spend time with his “Disney Channel” friends. He was motivated by this to pursue a career in music and to assist children who are alone but do not have to be. His much-hyped song, “Disney Channel,” is essentially about reminiscing about simpler times.

KalleFORnia SurferBOY on McKinney Music
KalleFORnia SurferBOY

“I look forward to seeing how the audience reacts to my song,” said KalleFORnia SurferBOY. “This song is very close to me because I believe that almost everyone will relate to it. It is about how the “Disney Channel” managed to give every kid a family they could call their own.”

KalleFORnia SurferBOY

KalleFORnia SurferBOY never imagined becoming a musician, he was the boy-next-door who just wanted to try stand-up comedy. However, it appeared as though life had other ideas for him. He believes that Adam Sandler inspired him to follow his heart. He immediately purchased a ukulele and began writing his song after watching him perform standup comedy, before he moved to LA. He is now working on his album.

He has high hopes for his music and is fairly confident that better times are ahead. He hopes that his new song will take his listeners on a trip back in time because he believes that we all have fond memories of our time in school.

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