On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Jeff Foxx Rocks the Box, the multifaceted radio personality known as “The Foxx that Rocks the Box,” excels at every one of his skills without resting. Foxx is a living example of being multifaceted and the true definition of having no boundaries, whether he is making music, playing bass for the legendary Chi-Lites, or performing on the radio.

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Jeff Foxx Rocks the Box

In his decades-long career as a radio personality, Foxx has traveled from Cleveland to Chicago to New York City, where he has worked for over 30 years on the legendary R&B station WBLS-FM. Additionally, Jeff plays soul/R&B classics on the Soul Town channel on Sirius XM. Then there is his nationally syndicated radio show, which can be heard on WUFO-AM/FM in Buffalo, New York, and other markets across the country. Buffalo, NY’s WUFO-AM/FM; Atlanta, GA’s WIGO-AM; WTSX-FM/Kokomo, IN; Orangeburg, SC’s WOCS-FM; WBXB-FM; Norfolk, VA; Birmingham, AL’s WJLD-FM; Jasper, AL’s WIXI-FM; Tuscaloosa, AL’s WMXB-FM; Lawton, OK’s KXCA-FM; Minneapolis, MN’s KMOJ-FM.

Original Works, Chi-lites and On the Radio

Jeff Foxx Rocks the Box is a great radio personality as well as a talented bass guitarist and songwriter. He released a single titled “In The Pocket” and a self-titled CD. All of the songs are original works. Then there’s Foxx, who plays funky bass lines with the Chi-lites, a legendary R&B band, both as an opening act and as a backing band member for the soul music legends. During the Chi-lites’ residency in Las Vegas, Foxx will be there.