On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, the feeling of wearing a boyfriend shirt is unlike any other; the video for Jasmine Crowe Releases new single, The Shirt Song, is a long flirtation and a love letter to her lover.

The Shirt Song

While other clothes may look better, nothing makes you feel better than a boyfriend shirt. It can be very intimate to wear your partner’s clothes for a day or just to press it close to your face. It can also make the time spent apart a little bit bearable. Other pop songs have mentioned the boyfriend shirt.

On her most recent single, The Shirt Song, Jasmine Crowe Releases has stepped into the wardrobe with the same level of self-assurance and glee as anyone else. The singer-songwriter from Encino, California, captures the boyfriend shirt experience to the last thread: the pure comfort that was concealed beneath those buttons, as well as the warmth, longing, and flashes of memory and desire.

A song like that must be as mellow, reassuring, and toasty as a freshly washed cotton top. This is what Jasmine Crowe and her team have accomplished: an acoustic pop singalong with glistening violin, silky backing vocals, and a beat that makes you want to dance. She sings beautifully and speaks conversationally, as she always does: She teasingly and coercively draws the listener in line by line and verse by verse. You’ll feel like you know her by the time she finishes.

The Shirt Song is a record of a very provocative secret visit that was carried out with the assistance of a cute pet dog. It is the artist’s love letter to her lover and possibly also to her audience.

Jasmine Crowe Releases

Jasmine Crowe Releases New Single, The Shirt Song , the best independent music magazine in the UK mckinneymusic
Jasmine Crowe

The Shirt Song is the very most recent in a line of wonderful singles by the artist. The electrifying Chess Game, which lit up the discos in 2019 and debuted on Billboard’s Dance chart, will undoubtedly be remembered by clubgoers. Her extensive and diverse debut album, Symptoms, demonstrated that she is equally adept at expanding musical concepts over the course of a full album as she is at creating individual songs. When her follow-up, Lovesick, comes out later this year, she will demonstrate it once more and significantly raise the stakes.

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Consistency has been a big part of Jasmine Crowe’s success. She has been honing her sound, image, and visual approach since the beginning of her career, with assistance from her video director. Even though Jeremy Eichenbaum’s previous videos were excellent, he has never captured the pop star’s unique combination of playfulness, mischief, and sex appeal like he does in The Shirt Song.

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