On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Mateo Briscoe, a Sacramento singer-songwriter, dissects mental health issues in new single, Insane.

Mateo Briscoe

Mateo Briscoe on McKinney Music, Insane, A Rollicking, Heartfelt Song, And Video By ,Mateo Briscoe, Is Out Now
Mateo Briscoe

Mateo Briscoe struggles, just like Amy Winehouse, his spirit guide and role model. He has trouble sleeping, overcoming trauma, figuring out who he is, and a lot of weirdness and ticks. Yet once more, this Sacramento songbird rocks, just like the London lioness did.

Donner Music, Insane, A Rollicking, Heartfelt Song, And Video By ,Mateo Briscoe, Is Out Now

Mateo sowed the seeds of public performance through numerous childhood renditions of “You Are My Sunshine” belted out over the acoustic strums of his uncle. He picked up clarinet through a public school program because he couldn’t afford private guitar lessons. He fervently merged his hard-earned collection of soulful poems with punk-folk power chords and riffs when his parents finally gave him his own acoustic.

People connected with his fearless and open portrayal of feeling strange, ill, or different while he performed on stages and busked streets of Sacramento. And Mateo responded with a sincere, unapologetic, and completely typical “Thank You” when fans and critics alike approached with erroneous diagnoses of ADD, OCD, or FUBAR.

Finding a talented artist with such immense humility and authenticity is rare. But he is here. You are in the right place if you are listening: you can commiserate, heal, and mosh to your heart’s content with this family-founded, astral-projecting, mellifluous maven of sadness and laughter. Keep an eye out for tour dates along the West Coast later this year, as Mateo Briscoe uses his music to tell the story of everyone.


Briscoe dissects mental health issues on his fretboard in his rollicking, heartfelt single “Insane.” He calmly brushes out some mischievous chords over rolling drums and bass by his dual-Jesse backing—high school friends and frequent collaborators Jesse Szabo and Jesse Hanes—while reciting a hurricane’s syndrome of compulsive habits.

Mateo Briscoe on McKinney Music, Insane, A Rollicking, Heartfelt Song, And Video By ,Mateo Briscoe, Is Out Now
Mateo Briscoe

As the chorus approaches, Mateo proudly takes ownership of his complete insaneness as the instrumentation intensifies. It’s a touching and ironic reminder of the oversimplification and demonization of mental health issues. Furthermore, it is a confirmed badass bop.

Chris Brice and Ronald Spatafore directed the video for “Insane,” which effortlessly mists Briscoe’s music in an eerie and eerie setting. We are shown the story of Myrna, a ghost who lives in the Georgetown Hotel Saloon, on old-timey placards with grainy filters. At one point, we see the band strutting and playing their song. Mateo explores the eerie setting as the movie progresses, ascending the creaking stairs before succumbing to possessed madness. The daring performer ends the reel with a grin on his face, always with a tongue in cheek.

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