On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, artists are given the rights to their own works and masters with indie label Marcy Boyz Music, whether they’re established musicians or beginners.

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Marcy Boyz Music

Marcy Boyz Music, a brand-new independent record label, is leveling the playing field for artists by partnering with them and granting them ownership rights to their masters.

In addition, Marcy Boyz Music provides DIY artists with the resources they need to succeed in the music industry and provides financial assistance to established and emerging artists.

CEO Keidon Bent

Labels need to cooperate with artists regardless of the genre and set them in a situation to flourish, remarked CEO Keidon Bent, who established the label in 2019. It can be challenging to establish a successful career in the music industry. Marcy Boyz Music aids artists in optimizing, developing, and transforming.

Bent has developed marketing strategies throughout his career in the business; supervised artists; produced, promoted, and sold music; and produced content for use on every platform.

Services Offered by Marcy Boyz Music

Creation of lyric videos, logos and album covers, Spotify and social media promotion, mixing and mastering, and DJ spins are among the services offered by the label.

Bent stated that he is aware of the strategy for bringing music to audiences both locally and internationally, whether it is by an established artist or a novice. By optimizing your social media presence, their goal is to develop a strategy for reaching the appropriate audience. After that, Marcy Boyz Music begin advertising and promoting your music. They will build momentum on your social media and draw attention to your music and brand. You can leverage this momentum and increase your brand’s power.

Marcy Boyz Music provides independent musicians with the same tools and services as major labels, but without any strings attached, for musicians who want to work on their own.

The Benefits of Partnering with Marcy Boyz Music

Marcy Boys Music is made up of trained professionals and generalists. Their business was built to help artists who want to reach more people with their work. The key to success in the music industry is getting your music in front of the right people, but this is hard and changes every day. The label provides one-of-a-kind services that enable full-funnel growth. They believe that all artists should be able to use the same free services that professionals use.

For more data and to plan a free meeting to figure out how Marcy Boyz Music can assist artists to grow their fan base and get greater commitment with their music, visit marcyboyzmusic.com.

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