On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, rapper Joe Solid releases “Savage Life”, a trap collaboration with a nod to the old-school greats of the genre and a fresh vibe.

“Savage Life”

Joe Solid is a musician who strives to create music that transcends conventional boundaries and stylistic constraints. Because of this, he is always able to set a very high creative standard and awe people with his distinctive aesthetics. So it is with his most recent work, “Savage Life“.

The track begins with a familiar sample that instantly transports the listener to hip-hop’s golden age. The song is a collaboration with Grammy-winning producer and artist Zaytoven, who uses the track’s opening to show us Memphis rapper Joe Solid’s high-octane flow. The track develops into a diverse, highly kaleidoscopic sound throughout the song that has the impression of being accomplished and nuanced while also being extremely fun and energetic. Zaytoven’s decision to give Joe Solid his stamp of approval in trap music is a clear indication that he still has an unrivaled eye for talent.

Joe Solid and Zaytoven

Savage Life - Joe Solid ft Zaytoven
Savage Life – Joe Solid ft Zaytoven

“Savage Life” is a trap banger that uses a lot of different sounds. Joe Solid and this beat are an ideal matching. The creative synergy is simply off-the-chart. The old school sound attached to a driving current trap beat makes for a genuinely remarkable melodic tone that will 100% hype up the crowd. Notably, a sample from a genuine early hip-hop gem appears in the song: “Everlasting Bass” by Rodney O and Joe Cooley. The incredible respect that Joe Solid and Zaytoven are showing for the true OGs of the scene and the connection to the golden age of the genre will undoubtedly be appreciated and recognized by rap aficionados everywhere.

A Modern Trap Classic

Hip-hop, trap, and other music fans should definitely check out Joe Solid’s work. “Savage Life” is for sure an exceptional illustration of music creation at an undeniable level, while holding it consistent with the steadily developing Trap genre. Anything goes, from sampling the classics to making new sounds.

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