On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, hip hop artist Aantdoe uses his rich narrative strength to shed light on the things that matter with his meaningful new single, Strange Things (HBH).


The hip-hop style of Aantdoe is a shining example of innovation, originality, and unadulterated narrative. The US Army combat veteran turned artist, who writes from the heart, made the decision to pursue Hip Hop to regain a sense of realness and authenticity that he felt had gradually diminished in the majority of contemporary works. Aantdoe has developed his own voice and rhythms over time.

Aantdoe on McKinney Music

The portrayal of Aantdoe’s character is more relatable and real in his music, which will appeal to both hardcore Hip Hop fans and casual listeners. The artist hopes that people who listen to his music will feel as though they have been heard and that whatever they are feeling is real.

“I’m inspired by many things from personal experiences to my time in the military (GO ARMY), and by rappers that put thought into what they say… Rakim is my GOAT… And I listen more to the “old school” emcees than I do the newer generation,” said Aantdoe.
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Strange Things

The wonderful new single that the artist has released, “Strange Things (HBH),” is intended for Hip Hop listeners who are older and more thoughtful. Aantdoe refers to his distinctive fashion and style as “Grown Folks Rap,” and this label serves a specific purpose as well. The dynamic artist’s works frequently deviate from materialistic and fleeting feelings, experiences, and objects. So, singles like “Strange Things (HBH)” don’t talk about violence, money, cars, jewelry, or clothes.

The story and lyricism of “Strange Things (HBH)” are relatable, and many people will connect with them. HBH, which stands for “heartbreak hotel,” is a moving song about a man who was in love with a beautiful woman but didn’t know how to treat her right and lost her.

Tone Jonez produced the captivating new release, which is Aantdoe’s first demo. Aantdoe wants to make a name for himself in the industry with his music and get his music used in movies and TV shows.

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