On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, a backing track for guitar players featuring heavy riffs, a key change during the prechorus and a shift from F# Phrygian Dominant and F# Dorian scales.

Guitar Backing Track

This track was styled after an early 90’s Megadeth sound. The tempo is quick, the drums provide plenty of energy, and for the prechorus I go from the key of F# up two and a half tones to B, similar to the transition from E to A in the metal giants’ bridge in “Symphony of Destruction”.

Guitar Tabs





If you’re learning to improvise guitar solos, try making licks and melodies from some of the following scales.

F# Phrygian Dominant (play during the verse)

B Minor Pentatonic (play during the prechorus)

F# Dorian (play during the chorus)

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