On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Steve Major to release new single “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI”, a moving ode to those who have felt powerless in the face of conflict, on April 25th.


On April 25, 2023, global music producer and artist Steve Major will release his most recent single, “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI”, in two versions: one with lyrics in both English and Ukrainian, the other in full English. The purpose of Major’s new single is to keep people’s attention on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which is a cause that is close to his heart because he has family there and has spent a lot of time living and working there. Steve’s most recent release promises to deliver a powerful message following the success of his previous single, “CAUSE I (2020),” which was filmed in Ukraine with a team of Ukrainian dancers, filmmakers, and stylists. The music video for “TORN,” which will feature war scenes and be released by the end of the month, is being directed by renowned Ukrainian filmmaker Anton Popov. “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI” is a call to action as well as a song.

A Call to Action

“TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI” is a powerful song that will resonate with those who have felt powerless. People who are innocent and caught in conflicts like the current one in Ukraine suffer the most in a world where it’s hard to know what to believe. The message that Steve’s song conveys is one of optimism and solidarity with those who feel “Torn” and unable to act. In spite of the difficulties, it serves as a reminder that Steve is there for them. TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI” is a call to action to unite and support one another, particularly those affected by war and conflict. It is a message of empathy and compassion, a reflection of Steve’s personal and profound connection to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, and a reminder that music can bring about change and make a difference in people’s lives.

A Song For Those That Feel Powerless

Steve has many friends who have turned their lives upside down. When the attacks started last year, he remembers how terrifying those days were and how difficult it was for him to know that he had friends and family in areas that were being targeted. His song “TORN/РОЗДIЛЕНI” is for all those who feel powerless or have felt powerless in the past. People who are torn and unable to move on from where they are. Nobody knows what to believe in today’s world, he remarked, and the innocent people who have no direct control over the conflict and are not the cause of it continue to suffer.

The Making of “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI”

The stunning musical masterpiece “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI” was brought to life by an incredible group of skilled professionals. This song was meticulously crafted with attention to every detail at Noble Street Studios in Toronto, the same studio where Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber recorded. Lorraine Lawson, a well-known vocal performance coach who has worked with Grammy winners as well as the Schitt’s Creek cast, helped with the vocal production to ensure that the vocals were flawless. The song’s mixing and additional production were handled by Michael Jack, who has collaborated with well-known artists such as Hillary Duff, Nelly Furtado, The Trews, and U2. Lastly, “TORN”/”РОЗДIЛЕНI” was mastered by Peter Letros, the former Chief Mastering Engineer at Sony Music Canada, to accomplish the ideal equilibrium and sound quality. These talented individuals seamlessly collaborated to bring “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI” to life in a way that will leave you speechless.

Release Date

On April 25, “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI” will be released to fans worldwide via all major streaming services, giving them access to the message that underscores it.

Find Steve Major Online

Visit Steve Major’s website for more information about his music and biography. This powerful new release, which promises to unite and inspire people worldwide, should not be missed.


About Steve Major

Steve Major is a Canadian musician and performer who has been entertaining people of all ages for years. He has been celebrated for his talents in professional theater, film, television, and international album releases through DEP/Universal Music. Steve has hosted the unique music competition “LOCAL LIVE CANADA™”, which has given many aspiring artists a platform to showcase their talents, in addition to his successful performing career.

Steve’s History as a Performer

Steve’s first work in the studio was with Sony Music Canada, which led to the early 2020 release of a full-length studio album and his self-titled EP. Steve, who is known for his willingness to try new things, has been performing his original music on luxury cruise ships for the past seven years. Steve has led numerous production shows as a principal male vocalist. Currently, he is the frontman for Royal Caribbean and appears in their signature shows on the world’s largest cruise ship, The Wonder of the Seas.

“Cause I” and “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI”

Steve released his final single, “Cause I,” in 2020. It was celebrated by fans and critics. He is currently getting ready to release his latest song, “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI”, on April 25, 2023. With this exceptionally anticipated release, Steve is ready to put his extraordinary gifts and melodic style on display once more. Fans can anticipate a strong message and emotional power behind “TORN”/”РОЗДIЛЕНI”, as Steve draws motivation from his unique personal relationship with the people of Ukraine. Mark your calendars so that you can join Steve on his quest to inspire and support people with his music.