On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, this brand-new single Ghost U Like It is brilliantly self-reflective and relatable because it speaks volumes about the actual difficulties that plague human existence. 


Ghost U Like It, I Love it

An Eccentric And Exciting Mix Of Positive And Inspirational Music: Ghost U Like It, I Love It Releases A Hit New Single, "ICB"
Ghost u like it i love it

Ghost U Like It, I Love It is a new hip up-and-coming artist who believes in the power of music to connect people from all over the world. She was born March 24, 2023, in Temple, Texas, United States. The singer is well-known for making truth the center of his music to show how he overcomes obstacles. The artist’s music is one of a kind because it expresses genuine feelings that come from deeply felt realities. The process of making the music serves as a form of catharsis for the people who listen to it.

The eclectic artist is aware that music contains subliminal messages about, among other things, suffering, loss, depression, drinking, drug use, and betrayal; every weighty realization that needs to be expressed in any way that is possible. The collective of music that Ghost U Like It, I Love It produces exudes a sense of bravery, which draws in listeners. The singer’s fearlessness enables him to fully express himself through his music; a quality that automatically distinguishes this music collection from all others. In addition, Ghost’s most recent musical effort exemplifies this bravery, which is certain to excite fans in numerous ways!

More From The Artist

The musician is responsible for the production of several well-known singles, such as “Blow,” “It’s Over,” “Breathe,” and “A Letter to Her.” The singer’s life experiences and feelings are explored in depth in each song. These musical masterpieces conceal a number of lovely messages. an exciting combination of beautiful musical symphonies and profound, soulful lyrics. The latest addition to this outstanding collection is his most recent hit single.

The inspiring artist’s music can be found on Spotify and YouTube, as well as on their website at http://www.Ghostulikeitiloveit.com. For information on new music, visit the artist’s official Instagram account. Ghostulikeitiloveit@gmail.com is the contact information for interviews, reviews, and collaborations.


Ghost U Like It, I Love It is a Texas-conceived Akademia award winning, Grammy Candidate, Worldwide craftsman, and novel, triple danger, to the music and media outlets. He is also the owner of a business, an artist, and a producer. He also has a lot of special skills, like making music and videos, choreographing, and performing. In the wake of being endorsed to two different names of the past, in 2014, Ghost assumed control over the record label Adverse Effects in Canada. He started his expanding label as a result of this.

The artist has released nine albums, some of which include “Her,” “Living in the Moment,” “Music is My Mistress,” and “And Mr. U Like It, I Love It.” The songwriter has creatively combined and mastered numerous music genres throughout his tracks and career, so no two albums or songs are ever the same. Instead, they are all distinctively different and tell a story. From a holistic perspective, Ghost is a dedicated, passionate, and charismatic individual who is ready to captivate listeners with his brilliantly original musical abilities!

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