Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi Releases New Album, This Is My World, On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“,Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi Releases New Album, This Is My World, uses inspiration from classic folk artists to convey a contemporary message of understanding and connection.

This Is My World Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi Releases New Album

As everyone settles into 2023, Gedalya, better known to his fans as the Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi Releases New Album, recalls and recounts Woody Guthrie referring to people as “hope machines”, and features that same sentiment in his most recent album, This is My World. This Land is Your Land was one of Guthrie’s most popular songs, and Gedalya wanted to expand on that concept for the digital age. Gedalya believes that spreading his message about the power of empathy and hope is more important than ever.

Gedalya’s unique blend of folk, rock, and spiritual music continues to spread messages of unity with the release of This is My World. He encourages listeners to join him in making the world a better place for everyone by writing upbeat lyrics and creating memorable melodies. He hopes that as they listen to the new album, listeners will feel empowered to make the world a better place through small actions.

Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi Releases New Album, the best independent music magazine in the UK mckinneymusic
This Is My World

This is My World contains eleven songs that demonstrate Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi Releases New Album exceptional songwriting abilities and capacity for audience connection. The album is a demonstration of Gedalya’s versatility as an artist because it contains a mixture of upbeat rock songs, reflective ballads, and spiritual anthems.

The Folk-Rock Rabbi

Gedalya is of the opinion that music has the capacity to unite people and aid in healing. He wanted to create a body of work with This is My World that would inspire and motivate people to focus on making a positive difference in their communities.

We have access to more people and information than ever before thanks to amazing technological advancements. We are now able to collaborate for a better tomorrow because the internet has brought us all together. However, we must select it. He hopes that “This is My World” will serve as a call to action to stand up for the world you want to live in.

At the moment, it can be challenging to identify a song’s genre. Everyone is blending and experimenting with a plethora of new categories, moods, and sounds in the current musical climate to produce something original, exciting, and creative. Gedalya said that with This is My World, he focused on finding his place musically and carried on with his upbeat message in an effort to take advantage of that musical climate.

“Gedalya, where do you fit in?” he asked himself as he sat down one day. He also said that as he thought about the question, something inside of him said, “You’re a folk singer!” and the new album was created as a result of that inspiration.


There are a lot of things to learn if you look around with an open mind and the desire to improve spiritually. In the first song, “Look at the World,” Gedalya said that people must choose to be there and take advantage of the one and only chance they get to live this life.

Gedalya inspires the listener to consider the duality of existence and discover the right path in This World is an Illusion. Eyes on Wine, based on a verse from The Book of Proverbs, preaches focus, while Song for Peace promotes giving to others.

Along with the rest of the album, those songs convey the significance of learning to live in a way that is beneficial to the world. He hopes that you will listen to the songs with an open heart and mind, and that you will discover a part of yourself that agrees with what you’re hearing. for more read : Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi Releases New Album, the best independent music magazine in the UK mckinneymusic

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