On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Fresh Music Marketing, the music promotional organization, helps artists reach a more extensive crowd and earn worldwide respect.

Fresh Music Marketing


The music business relies heavily on promotion. It’s as valid for rising stars as for seasoned professionals. Artists need effective promotion to reach a larger audience and gain recognition in today’s highly competitive music market. Fresh Music Marketing now provides comprehensive music promotion services that cover all aspects of digital music promotion to assist musicians in achieving their objectives.

Fresh Music Marketing is a professional music promotion firm with extensive industry experience that focuses on music promotion through Spotify advertising, social media marketing, YouTube advertising, and other channels. Fresh Music Marketing now manages the “music promotion” so that both new and seasoned musicians can concentrate on their music careers.

Marketing Strategy

Reach a wider audience with Fresh Music Marketing

In addition to assisting artists with a variety of levels of music promotion, the professional marketing firm also offers advice to their clients on how to make use of social media platforms like Shorts, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Artists can use these platforms to promote their music and connect with fans due to their billions of daily active users. Making engaging posts, sharing a glimpse into the production process, and interacting with fans consistently can assist acts with keeping their fans up to date.

By promoting your music to people unfamiliar with your work, Fresh Music Marketing also makes use of the power of paid advertising. Fresh Music provides targeted advertising options that enable music artists to reach specific demographics, interests, and behaviors by utilizing platforms like Meta, Google, Spotify, and YouTube. This is merely done to ensure that the music is distributed to the appropriate audience, and it builds the possibilities of growing your audience. Don’t fall for the idea that, in today’s music market, running “Spotify playlisting campaigns” won’t have an effect on the vast majority of artists’ successes.

Final Thoughts on Audience Growth

Be discovered by new fans all over the world

In response to this, the CEO of the company stated that music promotion is an essential part of any artist’s career. You need to stand out from the crowd and get your music heard by more people. Nonetheless, it should be noticed that despite the fact that a few individual entries can help, playlist campaigns are turning into an obsolete growth strategy, and acts ought to be mindful so as not to hurt their Spotify accounts by utilizing paid playlist slots.

Music marketing is not only a tool, but also a necessity for success in the industry, as over 1,800,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify alone each month. Today, it can seem almost impossible to cut through all the noise, but having a good marketing company on your side can provide clarity for you as an artist, the CEO of the company added. You can rely on Fresh Music Marketing to direct you in the right direction and make it simpler for you to do your job, which is to make music.

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