On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, tickets for live stream events can now be sold by well-known musicians, entertainers, and artists on Fan2Stage.


Fan2Stage Artist View
Fan2Stage Artist View

The entertainment industry has changed since the pandemic started. Fan2Stage was started to keep fans connected with performers, comics, chat shows, artists and bands regardless of where they were playing. The thought was that live stream shows need to hear from fans and the existing platforms were unnecessarily weird and confusing. Fan2Stage is a straightforward platform that eliminates chat boxes, tiny pictures, and noisy feedback loops to facilitate fan communication. Only genuine applause, laughter, and cheering from genuine fans.

Founder Scott Bourquin

Fan2Stage: Your Virtual Audience
Fan2Stage: Your Virtual Audience

According to the founder, Scott Bourquin, when the first version of Fan2Stage was released it was evident that its creators were on the right track. He found out that it wasn’t perfect after putting it through its paces on his own show, CoolToys TV. The issue of latency delay came first. Fans couldn’t hear anything Scott said on the show for up to 180 seconds. It wasn’t really “live” on the Live Stream. According to co-host Josh Snodgrass, it felt like they were in an old movie where people got the telegraph of the horse race and bet on the replay on the radio hours later.

The Technology Issues that Created the Need for Fan2Stage

Latency delay was a huge problem. Josh and Scott concluded that the technology would not function after evaluating each and every live streaming service they could locate. The announcement of chunked cmap followed. This was a quicker multi stage live streaming innovation that would let television shows at significant studios slice the delay to under one or two seconds. Fan2Stage, meanwhile, made investments in faster servers and worked on making their code more efficient to cut down on delays.

It became abundantly clear that Fan2Stage required more than a virtual tip jar as the discussions with larger personalities continued. Limited ticket sales were explored as big shows and bands looked into the technology. In the end it became evident that ticket sales should have been an option on Fan2Stage, so this option is being added to the new rendition which is going to go into beta test. Bands might one day not have to travel for hours in a bus to put on a great concert. Rather they could hold a virtual show, watched and enjoyed by fans in their homes, at bars and in clubs all over the world due to the patented pending Fan2Stage innovation.

If you’re an artist who wants to virtually connect with your fans, Fan2Stage has the solution.

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