On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, the rich musical compositions of the Scott Brothers Ent. are contributing to a striking new style of Hip Hop and creating an experience that hits close to home.

Scott Brothers Ent.

Bryhem Dennis Scott (Huddy) and Jamill Akem Scott (Meal Gatez) are a renowned and promising Rap duo; Scott Brothers Ent. All of the songs written by the Scott Brothers are written by them together, and they cover a wide range of different and heartbreaking subjects. The duo’s stirring discography showcases a brilliant and captivating mix of narratives, delineating a rich mix of divergent stories and topics. The Scott Brothers have been making music for more than two decades and are constantly renewed by a passion for what they do. Their songs have honest lyricism and an exhilarating mix of rhythms.

Their extensive discography includes a full-length album titled “Current Events,” an EP titled “Pioneers Millennials,” and eleven notable singles that have established their long-standing influence in the music industry.

Scott Brothers have been making music and being creative for a long time, making them stand out in the Rap scene thanks to their unconventional approach to their craft. They bring a rare combination of unparalleled experience and sound versatility. In a similar vein, the concepts and messages that underpin each track set this dynamic duo apart from the other rising stars.

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Scott Brothers Ent

Scott Brothers Ent is still dedicated to inspiring people and directly speaking to them through the power of music, motivated to create more music and provide pure entertainment. The fantastic duo aspires to become a source of inspiration for today’s youth through their reach.

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New EP

On December 28, 2022, Scott Brothers stunned audiences with a refreshing new record, EP, ‘Pioneers Millennials 2’ which featured influential Wu-Tang artist Cappadonna, continuing their remarkable steak of success. Numerous collaborations with other well-known artists, including a feature with Slaughterhouse’s Joell Ortiz, suggest that the iconic duo always produces high-quality music.

DBC, a talented engineer and producer from Stesasonic from the 1990s, will be joining them. Annodomination, DBC’s main producer, is a UK-based artist who has sold platinum records and has worked in the same studio as Jazzy Jeff and Jill Scott.

The Scott Brothers’ song “Back Then,” which was written by Annodomination and features a variety of plots and songs, shows the early days of their melodic career and exudes the ferocious enthusiasm that they can convey through their music. On the other hand, the single “FIND A WAY” discusses confronting difficult circumstances that an individual is forced to face, both financially and intellectually.

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