On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Doctor Fresh has released a powerful new single, “Sad Emotions“, exploring his struggles with feeling undervalued and exploited by those around him.

Sad Emotions

Doctor fresh Releases A New Single Titled “Sad Emotions”
Sad Emotions Official Cover

A powerful new track by Ezeaku Chukwuemeka Collins, better known by his stage name Doctor Fresh, delves deeply into the difficulties of feeling undervalued and exploited by those around him. The heartfelt song “Sad Emotions” is a raw and honest reflection of Doctor Fresh’s battles with depression and the difficulties that come with feeling invisible and unheard.

Doctor Fresh pours his heart and soul into this haunting track with each lyric and melody. The melancholy melody of the song sets the stage for the heartbreaking lyrics that come next, in which Doctor Fresh opens up about his pain and despair to the listener.

Doctor Fresh’s Creative Process Through Pain

Doctor fresh Releases A New Single Titled “Sad Emotions”
Doctor fresh

According to Doctor Fresh, each line of the song tells a story of his own experiences with people taking advantage of his kindness and not valuing him as a person. The pain that came along with it was overwhelming, and it was a constant struggle to feel heard and seen. He cried secretly, holding his aggravation to himself.

The journey through depression that Doctor Fresh went through inspired the song, which he wrote because he found solace in music. Doctor Fresh was able to channel his emotions and begin his healing by creating this song. Music was his treatment, and this tune was conceived out of the profundities of his downturn. It gave him hope and allowed him to express his pain, which kept him going.

Sad Emotions is a must-listen for anyone who has ever felt undervalued or invisible due to its powerful message and heartfelt sound. With its stunning vocal performance and vulnerable lyrics, Doctor Fresh has created a track that will stay with listeners for a long time and touch them deeply.

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Sad Emotions is now available on all major music platforms.
Stream: https://ffm.to/sademotions

About Doctor fresh

Nigerian trap singer and songwriter Ezeaku Chukwuemeka Collins is better known by his stage name Doctor Fresh. In 2020, he began his career as a rapper and singer when he was 13 years old.

His birthday is December 17th, 2006. When he was a teenager, he discovered a passion for music. Listening to Hip-hop, trap, and r&b/soul music sparked this interest. As a high school student, he steadily pursued a music career. He spent his free time composing original songs, which he performed in front of his friends and schoolmates. During lunch, he also wowed his classmates with freestyle rap songs. He started posting videos of his songs on his social media pages.